Bayonetta 2 Wii U Keep or sell

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User Info: kryptonsson

1 month ago#1
I have had Bayonetta 2 w Bayonetta 1 in my backlog since day one. I got it for like $20 bucks I think on price error. But I have never opened it. I am wondering if I should hang on to it or just trade it in...

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User Info: excitebike64

1 month ago#2
Keep it. The price structure for the Switch seems a bit odd. It's a good thing, but pure confusion could keep the Wii U release, unique.

User Info: excitebike64

1 month ago#3
Also wait if you do sell. A lot selling on ebay, shooting down the price. I'd rather get 30-40 because it's fair price vs because a saturated market.


1 month ago#4
Keep it because it's rare, regardless of the fact it's being re-released on the Switch...
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User Info: jimi_dini

1 month ago#5
I wouldn't trust Nintendo actually putting all games onto carts.
Sell digital copies as physical copies. That's the new Nintendo way of doing things.
Oh and add Amiibo support, lock content behind them. Major content. Make let's say 6 Bayonetta amiibos and then lock various content behind them. Also see Samus Returns.

Wii U one will be superior.

Keep it because it's rare

That's also true.
I own 2 European LEs. Really a bugger that I didn't import the Bayonetta 2 art book when it was sold for 3000 Yen. It's now at the very least 17.000 Yen.
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User Info: kryptonsson

1 month ago#6
Then I'll keep that Gem that is bayonetta 2 for the wii U
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User Info: TheRushDawg

1 month ago#7
Do you own a Switch?

If so, maybe sell the Wii U version and use the money to buy the Switch version.

If not, then absolutely keep! Bayo 1 & 2 are fantastic games.
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User Info: bicboi64

1 month ago#8
Keep it, play it, sell it afterwards because you can still get some good value from collectors.

But before any of that, play it, its a great game
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User Info: kryptonsson

1 month ago#9
Eh if got bayonetta 1 I can still find 2 for less. Someone offered me 50 for it.
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

1 month ago#10
Its up to you. If you like the bayo series and own or are gonna buy a Switch, you could wait till they come out, sell it and have all three on one platform.
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