What next. Toilet Simulator?

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User Info: relentless101

6 years ago#1

If they run out of stuff, it's a possibility.

User Info: shimo1989

6 years ago#2

"Rapidly press LMB to strain"

User Info: vivalabuck92

6 years ago#3

OMG! You sir are a genius! You may be able to re-revolutionize gaming all over again!

User Info: -Fromage-

6 years ago#4
Hey come on now, this board is no place for jokes. Toilet Simulator? Come on. These games have to be fun, like a street cleaner. How are toilets fun?

User Info: MrRedlight

6 years ago#5


User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
6 years ago#6
Left button for number one, right button for number two.

OMG it's just like real life!
I asked for this
~ Jenny Adams, Street Cleaning Simulator

User Info: Vagen611

6 years ago#7
I've just patented "Toilet Simulator". I'm going to be rich!

User Info: haikenedge

6 years ago#8
Pornstar Simulator? Drug Mule Simulator?
There's always an iller punchline, and I'ma write it.

User Info: -Fromage-

6 years ago#9
Lawn mower simulator.

User Info: d-rtyboy

6 years ago#10
-Fromage- posted...
Lawn mower simulator.

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