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User Info: bbc13

5 years ago#1
Well I seen previews of this in one of my gameinformer magazines and it looked decent and when I first played it, thought it was very basic, I mean how different could this type of game be, but for a offroad rally racing game it is very smooth, but There is only a handfull of tracks, I think if they start making different tracks as DLC will be the only thing to keep this game alive because even though its a very smooth game, it lacks in Tracks and Vehicles, they need more vehicle classes and actual vehicles, Motorcycles and ATV's would be nice with the trucks they have in the game already,

I think this game is worth the money, I could see it going on sale in the future because there just is not enough vehicles or tracks, but don't let that effect your decision to purchase this game, Just saying that there could be more which will probably be DLC in the near future so right now I would give the game 6/10 with potential to score higher with the right DLC (Vehicles and Tracks)

User Info: ManOfChap

5 years ago#2
no trophies?

User Info: gm914

5 years ago#3
ManOfChap posted...
no trophies?

He probably didn't mention it has trophies because EVERY PSN GAME IS REQUIRED TO HAVE TROPHIES FOR 3 YEARS NOW.

Yes, it has trophies.
SH_NANIG_NS! Just add EA.

User Info: Myself9

5 years ago#4
Is the handling similar to Baja Edge of Control?
Love that game!
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