lead version xbox360 or ps3?

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User Info: mettlegear

6 years ago#1
i was burned by the inferior ps3 version of toy story 3...wondering what the lead or better version is, particularly in regards to smoother frame rate.

User Info: mitjmac

6 years ago#2
What was wrong with the PS3 version of Toy Story 3? I have that version and it seems fine to me.

Not sure about the PS3 version, but the 360 of this is like any other kids games, graphic wise. Sound is repetitive and a bit grating after a few minutes, but it does support custom soundtracks. Also the controls feel slugish at times, but nothing major.
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User Info: MagicPink

6 years ago#3
Judging by the demos, the PS3 one is a tad better.

User Info: ssjmole

6 years ago#4
The ps3 toy story was better it had an exclusive Zurg playable character
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User Info: mettlegear

6 years ago#5
ok, i'll explain why.
the ps3 version of TS3 is so blurry in comparison to the 360 version, it looks sub hd. the frame rate is also much worse. the 360 version is simply a much better looking game. and to me, the zurg missions were hardly worth bothering with. i traded my ps3 version in for the 360 version, and am glad i did.
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  3. lead version xbox360 or ps3?

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