Anyone still play this game?

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User Info: GunBladeHero

5 years ago#1
If you still play this game, please post your Gamertag, I've also been looking for people who have shared their creations so I can add them to download and share our creations.

Currently I'm planning to work on a big project entitled '' The World is yours ''.

As the name suggests I'm planning to make a totally open-World adventure within it's capacity of course, all areas will lay open before you, you can go where you want, do what want, buy houses and many other stuffs to keep it as much as in your control as possible.

There will be many areas, that I assure you, and also you can be a good or evil person and many possibilities will lay open according to your ambition going as far as becoming the supreme ruler of the World or just an average joe among many.

If you like the idea or just want to share your creations please add me, my GT is: PVR Fire.

I will gladly add you. Thanks.
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