Lego HP 5-7 Map

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User Info: Wolfe_CH

5 years ago#1

I made a quick map of Hogwarts, London, and the campsites.  Hope folks find it useful.


Lego HP 5-7 Map


If anyone sees any mistakes, let me know.  Once you've finished story mode, the quickest way into Hogwarts is through the Vanishing cabinet in Borgin and Burkes.


- Chris

User Info: maccarnold

5 years ago#2
Where is the link?
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User Info: Wolfe_CH

5 years ago#3

If you can't see the above link for some reason, cut and paste this url:


- Chris

User Info: WingBowlMVP

5 years ago#4
NIcely done Wolfe, I don't have the game yet but this will be helpful when I do.

You should submit (if you haven't already) to the FAQs section of this page.

User Info: Th3Hamburg1ar

5 years ago#5
Holy crap that's good work. Jesus my fiance and I could've used that last night. We spent about an hour wandering around all the hubs trying to find Hogsmeade... The non-linear connectivity between rooms makes navigating all but impossible. Go north, come out on the east side of next screen. Go west, come out on the south of the next. Ugg
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