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User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#1
The first PSP Lego Harry Potter never got a complete FAQ, so I doubt this one will either. In the event anyone shows up needing help, I've decided to post some info here as I discover it.

General tips for finding everything on your own:
1) Collect all the studs scattered around. Even if you don't need them, they serve as visual distractions.
2) Destroy everything you can. You may have to manually target some things (hold down square and move the targeting sight) and/or use a charged shot (like Silver objects and Dementors).
3) Interact with everything you can using various abilities (Magic, SuperStrength, Pet, etc).
4) Repeat steps 1-3 until you can no longer do anything.
5) Return in Free Play mode once you have all the abilities (I recommend finishing the story mode first).

Hold down the square button to aim spells or charge spells.

You need Version 6.39 or better on your PSP system to play the game. If you don't have it, you'll need to update your version right from the game disc before you start playing.

FYI, there are 3 save slots.


Year 5, Chapter 1

The swing works like real life: sit down and alternate moving left and right (for studs).
Get on the Merry-go-round and repeatedly press the O button until you fly off (for studs).
Ride the blue duck for a while to get Red Brick: x2 Stud Multiplier, which will cost 100,000 studs to buy, once you reach the shop. [Edit: note that the duck was the last piece of equipment I played with. If simply riding it doesn't work, play with everything else.]

Ministry of Magic:
no notes yet

Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) Class:
Shoot the horse skeleton a few times until it destroys the cupboard for Character Token: Professor Umbridge.
I'm not sure exactly how I killed the blue creature. Try shooting it several times; maybe a few charged shots.

Completing the Chapter unlocks:
Arthur Weasley (Suit) - free
Dudley Dursley - free
Hermione Granger - free
Ron Weasley - free
Harry (Brown Jacket) - 250,000 studs
Ron (Quidditch) - 200,000 studs

The following characters are also available at the shop:
Dennis 2,000 studs
Gordon 2,000 studs
Malcolm 2,000 studs
Dolores Umbridge (Ministry) 25,000 studs
Vernon Dursley 5,000 studs
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#2
In the Hub:
Shop: upstairs, on the right
Custom Character Cupboard: downstairs, on the right
Hogwarts Dueling Club: upstairs, on the left
Character Selector Cauldrom: downstairs, on the left
Trophies Room: downstairs, on the far left.

The Dueling Club has 4 categories; only "Students" is available at the start, and I suggest you finish Year 5 Chapter 2 before trying it.

Don't forget to buy the x2 Stud Multiplier when you can afford it, then don't forget to activate it in the menu.

Year 5, Chapter 2

I believe you need to use charged shots on the snow mounds on the other side of the river. You then need to hold O and use the directional controls to move them into position.
On the picture puzzle sign, just switch the upper left panel with the lower right panel, then switch the upper right panel with the lower left panel.

(next area)
Defeat the Dementor for a Gold Hat.

Room of Requirement
Complete the Dueling Lesson to unlock "Special Spells".


Park: --

12 Grimmauld Place:
use charged Reducto shots to destroy silver locks.

Room of Requirement:
open the windows with charged Reducto shots for a Character Token: Hannah Abbot.

Ministry of Magic:
Use charged Reducto shots to destroy 4 squares (small paintings?) on the wall for a Gold Hat.

King's Cross Station: --

Finishing the chapter unlocks:
Cho Chang - free
Ginny Weasley - free
Kreacher - free
Luna Lovegood - free
Nymphadora Tonks - free
Ginny Weasley (Quidditch) - 25,000
Harry (Winter Jacket) - 250,000
Hermione (Red Top) - 200,000
Hermione (Winter Hat) - 200,000
Ron (Red Jumper) - 200,000
Ron (Brown Jumper) - 200,000
Ron (Winter Hat) - 200,000
Dueling Club: Dumbledore's Army

Also, Harry (Blue Jacket) is now available (free).

For anyone who hasn't played a licensed Lego game before, you earn 1 Gold Hat per chapter by ending the chapter with enough studs. The other Gold hats have to be found. Collecting enough Gold Hats unlocks stuff in the Trophy Room.
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#3
Incidentally, Professor Umbridge is 25,000 and Hannah Abbot is 20,000.

Year 5, Chapter 3

12 Grimmauld Place
Open the door in the front left of the screen; drag the oven to the fireplace-shaped area; set the cake on the table to attract mini-Santa; then grab the door component he drops.
Monster Book: just shoot it (charged shots if you can).
Once you get Sirius Black, you only have him in your group until you leave through the door he came through (or purchase him later), so have fun with the Animagus beforehand.

Room of Requirement
(Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Luna finally learn Expecto Patronum, so you don't have to keep switching back to Harry every time a Dementor shows its ugly face.)
Note that Luna has the Spectrespecs ability.

Forbidden Forest
I took out the blue imp-thing with 2 charged shots after it dropped the bone.

Hogwarts Courtyard
Note: George's and Fred's "pets" do not work on pet spots. They can, however, be used to destroy certain objects.
In the room, don't overlook the cobweb in the front right corner. It has the key for the chest.

Hogwarts Great Hall
You'll find a Character Token: Romilda Vane (cost: 20,000) right next to the broom you have to fly on anyways. Once on the broom, your goal is to destroy the large rocket flying around.

Unlocked Characters:
Fred Weasley - free
George Weasley - free
Hagrid - free
Ron (Brown Jacket) - 200,000
Sirius Black 20,000
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#4
Year 5, Chapter 4

Forbidden Forest
Right after waking up Grawp, hop off the trike. Use Lumos on the vines, then snag Character Token: Professor Sprout from the opened stump.

Ministry of Magic
After the first Run-away! segment, shoot the two Death Eaters. Use magic on the nearby Legos to make a ladder, then push it right. Climb the ladder, shoot the Death Eater, magically lower a bridge, and jump up two platforms. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the orb-like object overhead to smash it on the floor, revealing a Gold Hat. Before you drop down after it, jump on the ledge to the left to snag Character Token: Professor Trelawney.
Finish the screen by levitating the steel plate hanging in the hole in the floor, jumping across, then playing Run-away! part 2.

After drilling a large rock and winning the resulting duel, grab Character Token: Rita Skeeter.
Destroy a small silver object near another giant rock for Character Token: Phineas Nigellus Black (not 100% sure it's him, as it didn't give a name, but he's the most likely choice).

Ministry of Magic Atrium
After Duel 1 and defeating the fire-snake, destroy the stuff in the second fireplace on the left for a Gold Hat.

Unlocked Characters:
Luna Lovegood (Jacket) - 30,000
Luna Lovegood (Dress) - 30,000
Neville Longbottom - 30,000
Neville (Cardigan) - free
Neville (Waiter) - 30,000

Also available at the shop now:
Gryffindor Boy 10,000
Gryffindor Girl 10,000
Gryffindor Prefect 12,000

Professor Sprout 25,000
Professor Trelawney 25,000
Rita Skeeter 30,000
Phineas Nigellus Black 20,000

The Order of the Phoenix is now available at the Duelling Club.
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#5
The Half-Blood Prince
Year 6, Chapter 1

Slughorn's House
Use Dumbledore's Deluminator to move the light from the far left to the far right to snag Character Token: Madam Pince - 25,000.

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
(Apparently Ginny's purple mushroom pet is called a Pygmy Puff.)
I believe you get Character Token: Leanne (Jacket) - 20,000 - by activating the puking green witch display near the door.
Fill in the three colored containers on the shelf to the left with the same-colored piles to get Character Token: Verity - 20,000.
Have George's "pet" destroy the large pile of boxes on the left for a Gold Hat. The giant clown face and box of candy next to it don't seem to do anything important (maybe I just didn't figure it out?).

Lumos the vines on the left for Character Token: Lavender Brown - 20,000.

Fred Weasley (Suit) - 25,000
George Weasley (Suit) - 25,000
Professor Slughorn (Pajamas) - free

Also available at the store:
Leanne - 20,000
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#6
Year 6, Chapter 2
This one's pretty light on extras during the story mode, but at least you get a new spell.

The Three Broomsticks
Place the 3 golden goblets on the counter for a Gold Hat.

Slughorn's Meeting
Nothing found...

Charms Classroom
Learn Aquamenti, the water spell.
Monster books: Use Wingardium Leviosa on one, then manually switch to Reducto, target the book and charge the shot, then shoot.
Ride/Jump on the chair for Character Token: Slytherin Twin No.1 - 20,000.

Professor Slughorn - 25,000

Also available at the store:
Slytherin Twin No.1 (Dress) - 20,000 (you might need the token from Charms to unlock this one too?)
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#7
Year 6, Chapter 3

The Burrow: Yard
no extras available yet

The Field
Note that Remus's werewolf form can not only dig, but it also has Super Strength.
Before moving the boat from the gap, head to the far right and dig up the tree trunk to get Character Token: Nearly Headless Nick - 10,000.

The Duelling Circle
For the second duel, it seems to be better to concentrate on deflecting his spells (press X right before they hit you) rather than simply button-mashing. You can still shoot him yourself when you get an opening, of course.

Hogwarts Boys Toilet
You have to stand near the red cart and glass tube to get the spell prompt to move one of the overhead water troughs.

Room of Requirement
Stand near the black statue attached to the end of the giant orange pillar to detonate the Decoy Detonators from the Weasley box, then move the black statue to get Character Token: Madam Rosmerta - 25,000.
Stand right next to the big brown display cases and hold Wingardium Leviosa to clean them. Clean all three cases to get a Gold Hat.

Arthur Weasley - 25,000
Remus Lupin
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#8
Year 6, Chapter 4

If you've somehow ended up playing the game without reading the books or watching the movies first, go do so now.

The Cave Entrance (you'll probably hate this level)
Use Dumbledore's Deluminator to light the single lamp by the gate for a Gold Hat.
To cross the lake, you need to raise underwater platforms with Wingardium Leviosa and jump across... and you need to be quick about it.
On the island, assemble the bell; ring it; and shoot the bat to get Character Token: Minister Rufus Scrimgeour - 30,000.

Cavern 2
Deluminate the lamp by the water and kill all the zombies with Reducto to get a Gold Hat.

The Island of Torment
Destroy a small pile (skeleton?) for a Character Token. This is either Salazar Slytherin - 500,000, or a Death Eater - 100,000. The game thought it was more important to tell me how many character tokens I'd collected rather than which token it was...

In Hot Pursuit
Destroy some bushes along the path near the large red Lego wall for Character Token: Argus Filch - 15,000.

The Duel
I lost, and Snape left without the usual rematch.

Albus Dumbledore - free
Ginny Weasley (Cardigan) - free
Ginny Weasley (Jacket) - 25,000

Also available:
Slytherin Boy - 10,000
Slytherin Girl - 10,000
Slytherin Prefect - 12,000
+ either:
__Death Eater - 100,000, (likely)
__Salazar Slytherin - 500,000 (unlikely)
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#9
The Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
Year 7, Part 1, Chapter 1

Wedding Crashed
Hermione gains the Bag ability, while Ron's Pet is replaced by the Deluminator.

Godric's Hollow: Graveyard
Destroy the lock to the left, then destroy the snowman in that area for Character Token: Narcissa Malfoy - 30,000. Get Spectrespecs from the dispenser in the nearby shack, then rebuild the statue in the gated area for a Gold Hat.
Shoot the bat above the Spectrespecs dispenser for a small gear. Run all the way to the right and use the gear to open a small mausoleum for Character Token: First Brother - 750,000.
Use Hermione's cat Crookshanks to catch 3 nearby rats for another Gold Hat.
Somewhere along the bottom of the screen is a snowdrift you can destroy for Character Token: Second Brother - 750,000.
Set all the flowers on the graves to reveal Red Brick: Hyper Cast.

Godric's Hollow: House
Shoot the poor spiders (2) for Character Token: Bathilda Bagshot - 20,000.
Before going upstairs, go through the open door to the kitchen. Lift the item from the table into the machine with 2 rollers for Character Token: Mafalda Hopkirk - 25,000 (who?). Feed the food on the counter to the trashcan, then put the lid on to get another Gold Hat.

Hagrid (Motorcycle) - 25,000
Harry (Coat) - 250,000
Harry (Suit) - 250,000
Hermione (Pink Hat) - 200,000
Hermione (Dress) - 200,000
Ron (Suit) - 200,000

[Should be more sometime tomorrow.]
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"

User Info: TGSnowwy

5 years ago#10
Year 7, Part 1, Chapter 2

Forest of Dean Lake
It's an underwater level with an air gauge (shown as a blue circle in the lower right corner). The circle will slowly disappear over time; stand in a stream of air bubbles to refill your gauge. The X button makes you swim up; the O button makes you swim down (unless you're already standing on the bottom).

Lumos the vines (Devil's Snare), then combine the shopping cart and brown chest on the bridge to collapse it. Swim down to the ledge right above the giant crab. Wingardium the umbrella from the wall until it opens beneath the mermaid. Shoot the crab container until it spills over sideways. Once the crab is done, drop down and grab the Gold Hat. Continue on until you find the Sword (of Gryffindor) in the Stone.

From the sword, swim up and to the left for Character Token: Mundungus Fletcher - 10,000. From the sword, swim up to the ledge on the right and charge-shot the ice block for Character Token: Peter Pettigrew - 20,000. Charge-shot the lock while you're up here. Swim down, destroy the barrels, and Wingardium the hammer and chisel to free the sword.

Question: If Ron frees the Sword from the Stone in a forest (lake) and no one is around to see him, does he still become the King of England?

Back on dry land, magically cut out the red wall to get Character Token: Dobby - 50,000. Grab the Spectrespecs, use the warp-ring (apparation), Wingardium the tree branch, charge-shot the base of the stone stack, Wingardium the black boulders onto the panels, and have Harry hiss at the simple memory puzzle.

Horcrux Battle:
Jump over the shockwaves; dodge the spitballs; have Harry shoot the spiders; and have Ron hit the Giant Head with his sword when the head is on the ground.

Malfoy Manor
Win 2 duels. All I can suggest is being random (aka don't fall into a pattern).

Harry (Gray Jacket) - 250,000
Ron (Cream Jacket) - 200,000
Ron (Gryffindor Sword) - free

On a personal note, I actually visited the Forest of Dean once on a class trip when we lived in England. I really enjoyed it, but after 25 years I didn't recognize any of the scenery in the movie.
Solei: "Adell, since you're a tough guy, you don't do anything cowardly like saving, right?"
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