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User Info: rationallunatic

5 years ago#1
Looking for a good Local Co-op dungeon crawler to play with my wife....

But was severely disappointed with D&D daggerdale...

This looks promising, and I know it has online co-op, How bout local?

Also nice that its the deal of the week.

Thanks for any insight!
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User Info: HybridPark

5 years ago#2
I haven't downloaded it yet but it says right on the "Details" tab:

Local Capabilities
Co-op 1-4

then about the 1-4 co-op on live as well.

So it looks like yes, and I wonder how many people still play on live? Thinking about getting it but it might suck if no one plays.
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User Info: GoldenVoid

5 years ago#3
Game has local or online co-op for up to FOUR players. And it is an excellent co-op dungeon crawler. I am currently playing through with my kids, and we are having a ball. Be warned there is not loot and no levelling up. Each class has about 20 items for each of its 3 slots that are either sold at shops or found hidden in levels. A character's power is determined by what he has equipped, nothing more.

Not sure if there are still active players online, as it is sometime since I looked for any. The problem with playing online however is getting the difficulty right, and a team of like-equipped players. The host picks the level (from a choice of about 20), and the difficulty (from a choice of 5). The difference between Easy and Nightmare is enormous and it's pure luck who you get matched with, so it rarely deals you a hand that you can play. When I began playing I was often matched with people equipped with teh best 3 items, playing on Nightmare. Needless to say, I was simply baggage.

However, if you have multiple controllers and people to play with sitting beside you on the sofa, this is a great little game.
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User Info: rationallunatic

5 years ago#4
Yeah got it on sale, played through it with my wife and had a blast. My only gripe is that it seems far too short.
Want the other gamers to know you really mean business? Well just try adding a few more "x's" to your gamertag.

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