How do i change my weight class?

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  3. How do i change my weight class?

User Info: jayisfriendly

5 years ago#1
alright so i recently posted here about a problem i had, which was that i wanted to switch my weight class, and i still can't, mike goldberg told me if i wanted to change and i ignored him now i cant switch anymore :/

User Info: sulkythefish

5 years ago#2
As you progress through the career you will start to get fight choices for the weight class above or below your current one later on I got asked if I wanted to permanently switch up of down. I think it was somewhere between 30 and 40 fights I could switch permanently

User Info: westpark

5 years ago#3
Either lose a few fights, after 3 or 4 you will be asked to switch or win a bunch in a row or keep doing New Division fights and you will be asked as well.
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  3. How do i change my weight class?

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