Can not do the triple jump to save my life

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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

5 years ago#1
Any advice or tips for me? I simply don't have the controller accuracy to pull it off. I can't get an exact 45 degree angle three times in a row.

User Info: fast-racer98

5 years ago#2
i can not do it, I have tried to do this over and over again but i fail.
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User Info: radiocaf

5 years ago#3
What I have found is that if you wait until you touch the floor, you have missed your opportunity to do your next jump, you literally, after the first jump, while you are still in midair, have to push the L stick again for your next jump, so it's like you are telling him what jump to do next while he is still in the peak of his previous jump. Hope that helps.
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