How do I reverse?

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User Info: theMuccMan

5 years ago#1
I've played like 10 matches now and I can't figure out for the life of me how to reverse a move. I'm pressing R2 but nothing ever happens. The computer reverses just about every move then I get stuck in the corner and just get demolished cuz I can't reverse and the control screen doesn't show the button for reversals.

User Info: wweforlife2k11

5 years ago#2
I was having this issue too, but I think sometimes it doesn't allow for a reversal. The R2 hardly ever appears. It gets annoying when the computer gets the upper hand and you can't do anything basically but wait for an opportunity

User Info: theMuccMan

5 years ago#3
Does anyone have any tips? For me at least, this reversal issue ruins a great game. I'm still going to play it because the rest of the game is solid, but the reversals are really making the game less enjoyable.

User Info: Ferago2

5 years ago#4
It seems like a lot of moves are simply not reversible. The AI was beating me to death with a ladder for 5 minutes and I never saw the R2 prompt.

User Info: Jkid187

5 years ago#5
I usually wait to see what the opponent is about to do and then I quickly press R2. I normally don't wait to see the R2. Just look for your opponent movements.
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User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

5 years ago#6
Sometimes R2 doesnt show up at all and I could still reverse some moves.

It's very hard to counter/reverse.

User Info: nickoliver84

5 years ago#7
When Im getting curb stomped by my opponents I just spawn the R2. Works sometimes other times I just keep getting curb stomped. Its all about the timing tho and im horrendous with timing lol so I just repeatedly work the R2 button the whole match lol
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