Does anyone know how to unlock Demoliton and Goldust?

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  3. Does anyone know how to unlock Demoliton and Goldust?

User Info: TLR1983

6 years ago#1
I'm asking this becuase they are the only superstars I haven't unlocked yet. I assume they are unlocked through universe but I'm just wondering how to unlock them. I've beat each of them at least once and I still haven't unlocked them. Do you have to beat them multiple times or what?
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User Info: lordajeesh

6 years ago#2
For Goldust you have to win a match with Cody I think

User Info: gohan_meteora

6 years ago#3
These seem to be the ones most people are having issues with.

I got Demolition by playing a Unified Tag Title match and winning with Santino/Kozlov at a PPV. I didn't make the match, I just played it. Otunga/Michael were champs, if that means anything?

I've heard different things about Goldust. Keep playing as Cody Rhodes and maybe he'll show up?

User Info: keijikicksass

6 years ago#4
I got Demolition at Wrestlemania. The Cpu made a tag title match between current champs Santino/Kozlov, against my created tag team of Lu Bu and Brock Lesnar. I played Lesnar and Bu and killed Kozlov and Santino, won the belts and then Demolition came out and kicked my ass and Cole said something about them being resigned.

It took me 4 months into Universe to get Goldust. What I did was waited until the cpu made an IC Title match. When it did I substitued Sin Cara for Cody *the challengers role*, won the IC Title with Cody and then Goldust came out to beat me up afterwards.
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User Info: TLR1983

6 years ago#5
So maybe Demoliton unlocks like Brock Lesnar unlocks. Becuase that's how Lesnar unlocks and it's early in WWE Universe.
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User Info: michaelgcuk

6 years ago#6
I got Goldust on my first match on Smackdown, with Cody Rhodes. It's simple. in WWE Universe Mode, win any one-on-one match with Cody Rhodes. After the match, Goldust will attack you.

As for Demolition, I'm still having trouble unlocking them.

User Info: Hells_Gamer

6 years ago#7
I won the royal rumble with axe and i haven't even unlocked him!
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User Info: sxekanamaesxe

6 years ago#8
Cody has to be dashing Cody Rhodes to get goldust and I got demolition at wrestlemania as kozlov and santino vs the champs

User Info: The Rob

The Rob
6 years ago#9
sxekanamaesxe posted...
Cody has to be dashing Cody Rhodes to get goldust

That is incorrect. You can unlock Goldust in your second normal 1-on-1 Uni match by "Change The Participants" to include Cody and winning said match with him.
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  3. Does anyone know how to unlock Demoliton and Goldust?

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