Table Finishers? Hell in a Cell?

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User Info: TotalMalice

6 years ago#1
(1) How do you do table finishers? ie. chokeslam/rock bottom/pedigree through a table.

(2) I tried playing a Hell in a Cell match, and it's been a while since I've watched wrestling, but what happened to the door!? Can you not go outside and get up on top of the cage no more?

User Info: Demonhacker1

6 years ago#2
You have to do a Cell Finisher to get outside the Cell now ...Its WWEs fault not THQ's due to the Cell redesign
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User Info: y2j420

6 years ago#3
You can go through the Cell...I was the Rock against Sin Cara...I threw Sin Cara to the outside and had a finisher stored up... I threw Sin Cara into the cage and got close to prompted me to press Y for a "Cell/Cage FInisher"...I pressed Y and it let me slingshot/catapault Sin Cara through the cage...then I could climb up...
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User Info: MBXfilms

6 years ago#4
There are no table finishers, you just slam people through tables with whatever move you want. You just can stand on them, so no Pedigree is really possible.

And Hell in a Cell still has a door when they use it in WWE so I don't see why the game one doesn't have them.
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