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User Info: COOL5DUDE

5 years ago#1


•Debug a lot

•Universe mode 5.0 -> have Universe mode as main focus of game.

•Return of tournament modes: Beat the Clock, King of the Ring, etc.

•Slammy Awards show

•Qualifying matches for PPVs such as Bragging Rights & Survivor Series.

•Incorporate GM mode & Story Design mode into Universe mode, give player control of Universe & let computer handle cutscenes.

•More matches per show ... There are 70+ characters & some shows have only 2 matches. 

•Option to place allies as family or in a love relationship.

•Mixed Tag Championship

•Set all matches on the card before playing in one.


•Rather than a starting selection screen, have a backstage do whatever you want mode with different areas each saying where you are going (Universe, Creatables, Unlockables, Locker Rooms, etc)

•Bring back create a locker room.

•Be able to have multiple managers.

•Be able to completely change attires of superstars/divas in superstar threads.

•More Divas.

•Control what you do in entrance - taunt, shake fans' hands, walk straight to ring - as if in match, rather than view a video.

•Control what you do post match - celebrate/attack.

•After using a certain attire a certain amount of times, it should become default attire.

•Money system to buy unlockables (weapons, arenas, attires, etc)•Match ranking - 5/5 4 star match, etc. Along with _____ many dollars for how spectacular it was.

•Create a pin, or be able to choose from different types of pins. 

•Intergender matches. 

•Interferences that don't make the game crash, make them intergendered & be able to interfere any match type.

•Be able to attack announcers mid-match.

•Taunt from any position: on a table, turnbuckle, ladder, etc.

•Stand on tables.


•Bra & Panty Matches•Special Ref matches•Lumberjack/jill matches; current linit of people allowed in the arena at once is 7 maybe can that be raised.

•I Quit/Loser Leaves match.

• 2vs2vs2 


•Exploding Rings

•Suplex standing opponent onto downed opponent; well any and every move for that matter, the suplex is just an example.

•Grapple to outside of ring.

•Even further freeflow between moves & arena -> do a dropkick to opponent, & grab onto ropes in mid-air, & do a moonsault from there.

•Improve on standing team grapple; interrupting moves made double grappling difficult.


•Object & match type specialties -- ex. HHH & sledgehammer.

•Different wrestler types - mysterious/scary, all-around, high flyers, etc.


•Pick what move you will do for selected body parts, maybe you prefer DDT over Elbow Smash/Neckbreaker

.•Change to Head, Torso, Arms, Legs.


•D-Throw for created finishers.

•Be able to do sig/fin from any position.


•If you are the top superstar, you shouldnt be completely injured.

•Option to turn off injuries.


•WWE Cloud - save creations so as to not be forced to recreate them.

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