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User Info: skberntz

5 years ago#1

I have FIFA 12 for Xbox 360 and I was thinking of trying it out on PC. Can anyone tell me what the differences really are? I don't have a controller for my PC. Can I still play the game? And what advantages are there playing on the PC?

User Info: bionicman_3090

5 years ago#2
The year, the PC version is identical to the console in every way, except for the following...

1. Origin sucks

2. If you buy the disc version of the game, you won't be able to update to the latest patch version. You'll need to download the whole game from Origin to apply the patch.

3. PC version has serious stuttering issues even on the best PC spec and on any setting. If you happen to get "cursed" by this, then there really is no way to rectify it as EA is too stupid to figure it out. Although, you could try ...

(a) Disable V-sync from game options and force-enable it from your graphics card's control panel.

(b) Update your driver or try a different version

(c) Edit FIFAsettings.ini by change Screen_sleep=16 from 0.

(d) Enable stutter fix from Game Options but this has found to be the least helpful.

None of those fixes are actually 100% proven. There are still many players out there who suffer from massive stuttering.

4. Numerous disconnections with any online mode. Opening the ports might help but still, not 100% guaranteed.

5. Patches are slow to be released compared to console versions.

6. Can't download stuff from the Creation Centre due to various issues.

7. Keyboard is almost never an option, especially with this game but it's play-able to some extent. You can easily plug in your controller to the PC to solve it.
"Take your best shot, Flatlander woman". JC Denton.

User Info: jmcdu

5 years ago#3
I think the last poster is way overexagerating or running the game on some old PC.
To give you some perspective, I've played Fifa 11, 10, and 9 a lot before. And I'm in Division 1 of head to head season right now at Fifa 12. I use a PS3 controller to play on my PC.

1. Nope it doesn't. Origin is actually pretty good! It even allows you to install games in different harddrive unlike Steam. Otherwise it's pretty much just like steam.

2. I dunno about that, Origin games are cheaper anyway. Got fifa 12 for $20 I think when it was on sale.

3. I don't get lags at all. In fact my game runs much better and looks better than the console version. And my load time and menu time is insanely low compared to consoles. I'm running this on 560 Ti and i5 quad cores. In fact in the console versions, you get this slight "input lag". Might not be noticeable to everyone, but once you've played PC version, you won't want to go back!

For the online games, sometime you do notice lag especially if the other player's PC sux. But otherwise the lag level is similar or better than the console versions.

In conclusion, coming from a Fifa veteran, the PC version is without a doubt a superior version to the console version! Just make sure your PC doesn't suck too much before you get it.

Hope this helps!
(message deleted)

User Info: bionicman_3090

5 years ago#5
bionicman_3090 posted...
Listen, JMCDU, unless you've actually seen what's going on in EA Forums -> FIFA 12 -> PC/Mac discussion, you really have no business assuming that I'm running the game on some old PC.

jmcdu posted...
1. Nope it doesn't.......

With the amount of bugs concerning friends' list, updating the game, etc, etc, you almost sound clueless as to how much Origin sucks compared to Steam.

jmcdu posted...
2. I dunno about that, Origin games are cheaper anyway..........

If you "dunno about that", how is bringing cheaper prices to the argument in any way relevant to the problem? It is a FACT that those who bought the disc version of this game HAVE to download the entire digital version of the game via Origin just to make the patch work. That is ridiculous and extremely moronic on the part of EA to do this for legit PC users.

jmcdu posted...
3. I don't get lags at all.........

Again, without knowing what's actually happening in EA Forums -> FIFA 12 -> PC/Mac discussion board, you have absolutely no clue. There are people with same or better PC than you and others running SLI/XFIRE set ups who have unimaginable stuttering issues on ANY SETTING. The fix that EA provided was a joke for Win 7 users. I had to use fixes (A), (C) and (D) from my previous post to remove the stuttering and those were advised by other community members who were experiencing severe stuttering just like I was before. And please, learn the difference between "Stuttering" and "Lag".

jmcdu posted...
In conclusion, coming from a Fifa veteran.............

What people did before buying the game was they tried the demo. The demo worked flawlessly for them, except for the player-collision mechanics, same as with me but the actual game had so many problems from the offset that you wondered why the demo worked so well.

I've watched FIFA series go downhill after '99, pick up again from 2003 but drop the ball with 04, work great with '05 and '06, release a series of lackluster versions up until '09 and '10. FIFA 11 was great but there were so many faults with it and EA never fixed them at all. So coming from a FIFA Veteran who's been with this series for over a decade, I'm saying FIFA 12 is pretty bad due to the issues with the PC version.
"Take your best shot, Flatlander woman". JC Denton.

User Info: jmcdu

5 years ago#6
Well, all I can say is, too bad for you man. I don't get stutter, I don't get lag. The game works perfectly for me and i've played both PC and PS3 version a lot. I've ranked up all the way to Division 1 now, no problem for me. The PC version is superior in control, graphics, and load speed. That's my experience. What's ur setup?

User Info: bionicman_3090

5 years ago#7
I have two PC's.

Win 7 Home Edition
Core I5 2500K
460GTX 1GB

On that set-up, I was experiencing massive stuttering regardless of which graphics settings I used. Only after following the quick-fixes posted by the forum members did I manage to get smooth frame-rate. I don't play on that set up anymore. Why? I'll tell you.

Win XP 32-bit
Intel E5300
9600GT 1GB

On this set-up, too, I got massive stuttering. After using the same fixes as before, the game runs perfectly on max settings @1366x768 res. See why I don't play on my 1st PC anymore? The game runs great on a mid-low end PC only AFTER I fixed the game and those fixes weren't provided by EA Tech Support. They were clueless.

It's fine as long as you post your experiences for comparisons' sake but when you say that you didn't have any problems therefore anyone reporting the facts are an exaggeration is kind of like brown-nosing with EA. Also, notice how I didn't mention anything about superior graphics, controls and load-times? It's 'cause I don't have any complaints in those 3 departments. But I've listed a whole lot of other flaws as POTENTIAL issues, kind of like a warning to other gamers.
"Take your best shot, Flatlander woman". JC Denton.

User Info: jmcdu

5 years ago#8
That is rather odd indeed.
I'm running the game on
i5 760
Geforce 560 Ti
6 GB of ram
Windows 7 Home 64bit
OCZ solid 3 SSD

Game setting:

2x AA

All boxes unchecked

The game is almost at 60 FPS the whole time, never stutters for me.

Do you have anti virus running in the background? I never experienced that stutter, but perhaps it has something to do the harddrive usage.

User Info: bionicman_3090

5 years ago#9
Please read through my post. I WAS experiencing the stuttering. After I used those fixes listed in my 1st post, the game is silky smooth now. What I'm saying is, though those fixes worked for me, they're not 100% guaranteed to work for someone else.
"Take your best shot, Flatlander woman". JC Denton.

User Info: capuccinator

5 years ago#10
I've been playing Fifa every year since 1997 and I admit that I'm quite an addict. This year I bought the PS3 game the day it came out and I quite enjoyed the improvements! But one week later I decided to try the PC version... and my chin dropped on the floor! I felt that I was playing Fifa 14!!!! Gameflow and graphics are definitely superior! It starts with the 1080p, that consoles cannot deliver. Then it is the smoothness of the game... I guess you just have to try it to believe it! Now I cannot play on the PS3 anymore..

To those of you saying otherwise:

PS3 and X-Box are 5 years old or so... do you really think that in that time, technology didn't evolve!!! It's sad to admit, but these consoles are OLD...!
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