How to Play Lag Free

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User Info: volerez

5 years ago#1

my 360 cd scratched all over and i decided this time after seeing some youtube video to go with pc version untill 13 out and i wish i can get back my money from EA. i havn't played any lag free online game yet.

The online lag free on 360 was why i left pes to fifa but on pc for 3 days now since i bought it it never been lag free.

now my question is there any secret option i havn't found yet or thats how it' is?

User Info: fred1266

5 years ago#2

what is your pc specs

User Info: bionicman_3090

5 years ago#3
Check EA Forums -> FIFA 12 -> PC/MAC discussions board. You'll find a topic there if you search for it, that shows you how to open specific ports. This will help reduce the lag and prevent random disconnections. It has worked for some players but others still suffer from occasional disconnections.
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