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User Info: Qax

6 years ago#1
Pokedex 3D
Creatures Inc. / Nintendo
Release: Jun 6, 2011

From GameFAQS:
Pokedex 3D is a free application that lets you collect data on more than 150 Pokemon from the Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version video games! This exciting new application lets you see each Pokemon in 3D. You can rotate the Pokemon image a full 360 degrees, zoom in and out, and view it from any angle. You can even hear each Pokemons distinct cry and watch it in motion! The detailed Pokedex also allows you to search, sort, and filter your Pokemon data in a variety of ways, making it the essential guide for every Pokemon fan!

Complete your Pokedex by receiving Pokemon data from friends, using the SpotPass feature (wireless broadband Internet access required), or scanning special Augmented Reality (AR) Markers. Once you have collected data for a Pokemon, the AR Viewer allows you to view that Pokemon image as if it were right in front of you in the real worldand you can take photos of it to share with your friends!

The free Pokedex 3D is available exclusively through Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS system.


This topic is here to answer most of the questions being asked on the Pokedex 3D Board.

1. What kind of pokemon are in here?
- Currently only the B/W pokemon are in the Pokedex 3D. Future updates may add, hopefully, all bazillion other pokemon.

2. Why does AR games thinks that the Reuniclus AR Marker is Kirby's AR card?
- The AR game thinks that because both codes look similar. Take a look at the following picture, its not quite the mario AR card, but it works when you use it on AR Star Pictures. http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/7889/imagejrb.jpg

3. Can you unlock things in this 'game'?

- Yes you can unlock the following.

Note Button - Collect 30 stickers
An image as a backgroud. - Collect 50 Stickers.
9 Pokemon simultaneously in the AR Viewer - Collect 70 Stickers.
Slider Scale - Collect 100 Stickers.
Stopwatch Button - Collect 150 Stickers.
10 Pokemon simultaneously in the AR Viewer - Collect 200 Stickers.
11 Pokemon simultaneously in the AR Viewer -Collect 250 Stickers.

4. So what do they do?
Note - Lets you hear the pokemon's cry.
Image background - Lets you choose a photograph in your SD card as a background. You can combine AR Card Pictures with Pokemon pictures. Such as this: http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/2091/hni0091e.jpg
Slider Scale - Lets you change the pokemon's size when viewing in the AR Mode. To use it, hit the configuration button (Top Right) when using the AR Viewer.
Stopwatch - Lets you freeze a pokemon. It takes a bit of practice to freeze the pokemon in the middle of their animation because of the delay.
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User Info: Qax

6 years ago#2

5. So... how do I get more stickers?

- Firstly, make sure you are connected to wifi.

Steps to get more stickers:

5.1) Scan the master ar code list: credit goes to weirdguy8888

5.2) Do the "Get new Pokemon" trick from - animalcrossingfreak
a. After scanning all the codes, go to your system settings and change your date to 1 day ahead.
b. Load Pokedex 3D.
c. Hit the Home Button.
d. After 15-30 seconds (not even), go resume the Pokedex 3D.
e. You should see a notification on the top right about new pokemon information. Sometimes, it will pop up automatically.
f. Claim new pokemon.
g. Repeat steps c-f.
h. After getting 3 pokemon, go back to step a.

5.3) After getting the information about the pokemon you can scan the master list again.
5.4) Each time you scan a pokemon, their 3D versions should pop out.
5.5) Snap a picture of each, or a group of pokemon. They will then be added to your sticker count.

6. Hey, thats great, I got a bunch of pokemon, but it stopped working! What do I do? Did Nintendo catch on?!
- No, sometimes, you will get logged off the wifi, if this happens, it will seem that you are not getting any new pokemon information. What you do is press the home button, wait for a minute or two, then resume Pokedex 3D. If that doesn't work, try advancing another day, and an hour to your 3DS.

7. Sometimes, I don't get a blue icon on the 3DS homepage on the Pokedex, but when I go to Pokedex 3D I get new pokemon.
- It seems like the notification only works for the first pokemon of the day. If not, it should work if its your first time opening the Pokedex 3D of the day.

8. I scanned all of them and got 151, how do I get the last few?
- You're most likely missing these, you can get these by trading with friends. And most likely in the future, from Nintendo.
•The other 4 elemental monkeys (you should have got the Pan- and Simi- of just one type)
•The other gender of Unfezant
•The other 3 seasons of Deerling/Sawbuck
•The other gender of Frillish/Jellicent

9. I don't want to mess with my clock, I will just wait every 24 hours. But its been 24 hours and I didn't get anything. What is wrong?
- It seems like you'll get 3 pokemon everyday AFTER you have scanned their AR Marker. So try scanning 3 Pokemon AR markers, wait 24 hours, make sure youre on Wifi, and you should receive those pokemon's information. After you get their info, scan them again to see them in 3D and then take their picture for a sticker.

10. When will they update this thing?
- I have no idea, but what we do know is that there is an internal "Update" button in the game, so something is going to be updated, sooner or later.

11. Scanning each of the AR codes from the masterlist is too cumbersome, is there a way to scan them one by one? And also, how did we get all the AR Markers so soon?
- jayman7 is currently developing a module, that lets you search for a pokemon, via name or number and it will show its AR code. He is also one of the premier guys to crack the AR Pokedex code, shown here.

12. How do I delete this crap off from my 3DS?

System Settings -> Data Management -> Nintendo 3DS (top left icon) -> Software -> Pokédex 3D -> Delete

13. How do I combine pictures from the AR Cards with the Pokemon AR?

- Firstly, you need to at least collect 50 stickers.
- Then load up AR games, and take a picture with the characters.
- Go to the Pokedex AR viewer, and under settings, load up the picture that you want with the pokemon.
- You can press the circle pad left or right to set the transparency of the background.
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(edited 6 years ago)

User Info: Qax

6 years ago#3
Credit goes to jayman7, weirdguy8888, animalcrossingfreak, and to the rest of the GameFAQs Pokedex 3D board.

Future updates to this thread: more information when the game is upgraded, and sorting the questions.
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User Info: mcnichoj

6 years ago#4
Looks good.
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User Info: xWazManx

6 years ago#5
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6 years ago#6
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6 years ago#7
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User Info: superfist

6 years ago#8
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User Info: dezmomo

6 years ago#9
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