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User Info: HeyListen

6 years ago#1
1- I'm so bad at track 3.
2- The 3D is perfectly done.
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User Info: Retrostarman87

6 years ago#2
1. I am bad at all of it!!!

2. 3D in the game IS WONDERFUL! This was probably the best NES game to show off 3D on the eShop's first day.
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User Info: VampireRonin

6 years ago#3
Yup, it's pretty much awesome.
I love how the 3D perspective radically changes as you adjust the 3D slider.
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User Info: hockeyislife19

6 years ago#4
I've been playing the hell out of this game all night...brings back such good memories. Excitebike has always been one of my all time favorite NES games....and I have to agree that they did a wonderful job with this 3D version...even better than I was expecting. When I do mode B...I'm always such an a-hole to the other racers...always crashing them lol...or trapping a guy to where he keeps crashing as he tries to get back up :D ....good times....if they could somehow implement a multi-player aspect...that would have been kinda cool too.
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User Info: LawnNinja

6 years ago#5
Here's a post from another forum I made in response to someone else that fits right in here.

Angry Devil posted...
just think 20 years ago...we sat around for hours playing this game.
now after 10 mins most ppl are like "wtf is this?"

but they say the old nintendo was awesome...

I never played Excitebike back in the day (or if I did, I didn't "get it" and whined at my mom to find a different "Nintendo tape" to rent from Blockbuster). As such, I don't have any concrete nostalgia for the title, but it's certainly a great reminder of two important facts:

1. Games have come a long way since anyone played a game like this for hours on end... 3D graphics and realistic physics make for a far more enjoyable dirt bike racing game. Excitebike has an old-school charm to it, but it's not as fun as its more modern counterparts.

2. The few NES games that actually do stand the test of time are brilliantly designed works of art. The original Mario, Metroid, and even the original Zelda, are all now very dated and objectively less fun than their modern sequels in many, if not most, areas. The same is not true of Super Mario Bros. 3, which is still arguably the best of the series, or of the Mega Man games, which recently saw two brand new 8-bit releases prove that the series' original formula is every bit as fun and engaging when compared to modern games as it was when compared to its now-lackluster NES competitors (like Excitebike).

The nostalgic nerdboy in me refuses to allow me to say that the old Nintendo wasn't (or still isn't) awesome, but Excitebike shows that not every game we remember fondly is actually a great game. Only a small handful of masterpieces are still equally as playable as today's best games.

P.S. The 3D in Excitebike is pretty cool, in a retro-ish kind of way.
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User Info: lizard81288

6 years ago#6
Retrostarman87 posted...
1. I am bad at all of it!!!

2. 3D in the game IS WONDERFUL! This was probably the best NES game to show off 3D on the eShop's first day.

me too, i forgot how to play. when i jump, my guy starts back up so slowly, even if i lean onto the ground the right way
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User Info: rdurbin

6 years ago#7
is it just me or does the game seem harder?

like when you press back to go higher to clear a series of jumps, you don't seem to make it as far as the original nes.

also the times are harder to beat (i think), I always remember that the best time for track 3 (which i always hated) was 1:10 on this version its 55 seconds (correct me if im wrong) but 15 seconds is a HUGE difference. the qualifying time for track 5 is crazy, I still have not cleared it.

It is nice that it actually remembers your top times tho and you can finally save your tracks, I don't even know why it has save and load on nes version, its never worked for me.
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