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User Info: papoose187

6 years ago#1
this isnt that great, the bike you ride is way to small and is hard to see and enjoy the game, it used to be fun with a big tv, idk now its just not that great, i can just imagine how small mario looks in super mario land, even tho im syked for super mario world from snes since i never plkayed, but i reallyhope this doesnt become a problem in the future games, the characters being 2 small that is, the vito looks like it has nice character models, like uncharted on the new vito looked great at e3 i hope the 3ds can hang, cuz thats the system i bought and will not be buying another handheld, probably ever.

User Info: w00dm4n

6 years ago#2
i thought it was going to look like the music players excitebike...(or the wiiware one)

Super Mario Land looks fine,its bigger than the standard GB screen :)

User Info: Lawman_316

6 years ago#3
Turn the 3D off. With the 3D on the view expands to show off more 3D details. with it off the screen zooms in more on the action.
"Mercs 3D is a shell of what it could be. Only time will tell if it will ever be complete. *destroys time extension crystal*"- Omega_Zero_XP

User Info: DBPanterA

6 years ago#4
The above poster is right. Turn off the 3D and it changes your viewpoint. But please keep in mind this game was free, it was an original launch title with the NES in 1985 (it's 26 years old). On a positive note, what this shows is the capability of Nintendo to breath new life into many of the games and franchises that made them the company they are today. Excite bike was hard as heck back then, and while it is still challenging, the 3D makes for a new experience.

Super Mario Land was fun. I did not own a hand-held until the late 90's, so I am looking forward to all these VC games coming. I beat SML today in about 30 minutes, the only difficulty was how slippery some of the jumps were, but that's how I remember them on my friends GB back in 1989.
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User Info: Lawman_316

6 years ago#5
What I like about this version is that after all these years, you can FINALLY save created tracks. That's nifty.
"Mercs 3D is a shell of what it could be. Only time will tell if it will ever be complete. *destroys time extension crystal*"- Omega_Zero_XP

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