3D is cool, looks unchanged from the original

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  3. 3D is cool, looks unchanged from the original

User Info: KaiRyusaki

6 years ago#1
which i think is impressive. i thought they'd change the graphics or something
but it looks EXACTLY the same but 3D

User Info: hockeyislife19

6 years ago#2
Yeah...I'm totally lovin' the game though. The 3D effect is pretty cool...especially when you go into options/settings and make it more 3D
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User Info: tenchi1981

6 years ago#3
technicly they did update the graphics just not so much that it would effect the classic look

for those that love the game the look was pretty important

to completely update the graphics would really require more then just graphics but also some game play updates as well (at least imho )
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User Info: Raiko101

6 years ago#4
I love the retro graphics. The fact that its 3D this time makes it all the more appealing. I love how the game retains its traditional look with the 3D off and then just expands into a 3D environment.

User Info: MrYellowPenguin

6 years ago#5
What are you talking about. They didn't just slap 3D on to it. The viewpoint and background completely change when it's made 3D. This is what I wanted with from the 3D classics.
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  3. 3D is cool, looks unchanged from the original

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