Does wheelying increase speed?

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  3. Does wheelying increase speed?

User Info: McGill64

6 years ago#1
I'm trying to get under 40 seconds for the first track and can't do it (41.7 best so far)
so does going on one wheel increase speed?

User Info: shyguy0796756

6 years ago#2
turbo does, but you probably knew that already.
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User Info: BenB17

6 years ago#3
Nice time McGill64, I've managed a 41"71 so far. If you're interested in competing for fast times, you should check out the website, it has fast time charts up for all the levels. :)

User Info: SegaAhearn

6 years ago#4
no, just your awesome
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User Info: Qax

6 years ago#5
If you land on two wheels when doing jumps, you dont lose any speed. So if youre landing on a downward slope, make sure you adjust your bike aswell.
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User Info: Toksyn25

6 years ago#6
It doesn't boost does, my record is 40.73
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User Info: _Ryuuji

6 years ago#7
Wheelying does nothing. The only reason to use it is to pass the little bumps in some tracks.
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  3. Does wheelying increase speed?

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