I'm really impressed with the 3D!

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  3. I'm really impressed with the 3D!

User Info: IntialDrifterX4

6 years ago#1
I wasn't expecting much out of this free download since i never really enjoyed Excitebike but, to be honest, the 3D effect makes me enjoy this game so much more! I feel like I'm actually sitting in the stands of an 8bit world at a rally event. It honestly blew me away to see the comparison of it in 2d to 3d. What do you guys think?

User Info: Heyjin97

6 years ago#2
Same here! I don't know how Nintendo does it but the 3D really adds on to the visuals of the game without making it jaggy.

User Info: Xjph

6 years ago#3
I was amazed at how good it looked. I can't wait to see more 3D Classics.
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User Info: BKXD

6 years ago#4
*insert generic praise on Excitebike's 3D here*
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User Info: knightmere122

6 years ago#5
It really is a beautiful thing.
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  3. I'm really impressed with the 3D!

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