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User Info: nintendofan64

6 years ago#1
When playing Selection A, I am sometimes able to go to a second challenge within the same level. I guess this happens when you come in 3rd place or higher. I just don't understand the point in this I guess. I am unable to get a new record in the second challenge 3 and it's quite annoying to have to replace the first part to have another go at the second 3. Is there something I am missing with this?
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User Info: CHOVI3

6 years ago#2
Well I think it's supposed to be challenging. I can't even get to the second part of 5, try that.

User Info: _Ryuuji

6 years ago#3
Personally I abuse the quick-save feature to replay the track I want.
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User Info: dirkvn

6 years ago#4
Every track has a qualifying and then a race. Get 3rd or better in qualifying to do the race on a similar, but slightly harder track, and get 3rd or better on that to proceed to qualifying for the next track.

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