High Scores

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User Info: moloy

6 years ago#1
Mine is 167,370. I'm sure at least a few people here have beaten that.
'I wore sneakers, for sneaking'

User Info: iphys

6 years ago#2
527,490 and 1-14 so far.

User Info: iphys

5 years ago#3
576,970 and I was right near the end of 1-16 with the forest already coming onto the screen, so if I would have had one more life in stock it would have let me play from 2-1 I think. Ah, the end is within sight now.

User Info: iphys

5 years ago#4
674,510 and 2-9. It numbers the stages the same and goes straight to 2-7 from 1-16.

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