Training Camp - List of Moves

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User Info: Malapietra

5 years ago#1
Can anyone post a list of moves you learn in the training camp somewhere? I find it irritating that the game doesn't have a built in moves list when you're doing the training camp sessions. I'm stuck on the dribbling session because I don't remember any of the stinking moves.

Speaking of which, I can't ever seem to do the 'behind the back' dribbling move at will. It's supposed to be a simple move: 1. Move forward dribbling ball. 2. Half circle from ball hand. Yet I cannot for the life of me ever do this when I want to. I only got past it by sheer luck.

User Info: mojojin

5 years ago#2
For some obscene reason, I'm having trouble with this too, I'm a long time player and ISO no problem with 2k11, but with this game it just doesn't want to!

Could just be my controller, but like I said, I had no problems with it on 2k11, oh, and its the exact same controller I'm using.
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User Info: angelucci75

5 years ago#3
You guys controllers are fine, it's this game that's completely bug ridden and broken. 2K changed most of the controls, don't know why. I doubt a patch will correct such atrocities. Sad...

User Info: mojojin

5 years ago#4
Well if it helps anyone, I've found a way around the controls, I just adjusted the camera view to Nosebleed and it seems to have cured it for now.

Hope they release some fix to this, way annoying.
"Blah blah yap yap yap blah." - Blah Blah

User Info: rorrimehtninaM

5 years ago#5
Yeah, I finished all of the training camp last night. You gotta watch the little illustration they show you with the controller. Press the back / select button on your controller to watch it again. Some moves require you to move the sticks diagonally and can be kinda tricky. Do the move exactly the way they show you.
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User Info: RicPreston

5 years ago#6
what were you doing this with? is it possible to use a keyboard to do it? i'm stuck on the spin jumper
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