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User Info: Jehuty726

4 years ago#1
Dead nation....doesnt look scary...

User Info: batroman

4 years ago#2
Well i see it this way. . .Its a ARPG with creepy enviroment (cant call it horror at all) with the Silent hill name on it! I bet you call this game something else and people would be more interested in it. Things like abilities and other things have not been announced yet but you can see them in certain trailers.

Think of it as a Marvel ultimate alliance meets silent hill (bad combination yet its interesting) because do we even have a GOOD ARPG for the vita? Vita doesnt even have a remake of the ultimate alliance (which in my opinion would have been awesome). . .yet we get a Dungeon hunter Alliance for 40 bucks when it costs way less than that for other devices.

I still cant decide between Ragnarok or this one. . .thing with ragnarok is that i have played all MH for psp (including their japanese versions) and I know that I might end up comparing ragnarok to MH still knowing that they have nothing in common just the way you explore the stages.

On the other hand we have this SH game that still doesnt look convincing at all . . .i saw the demo and i didnt like how you get to clear every room you walk into and you get those silly challenges. . .and specially how the dude is all like " UHMMM I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS IF I REWRITE IT" the way he says that it makes it feel (to me) like he is spoiling the game . . .

Seriusly, like if a find a book that has my past written on it, you think im going to rewrite MY PAST when the rest of the pages are in blank? I dont know why I just didnt like how he says that . . .right from the beginning! Its weird!
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User Info: BerlingerT

4 years ago#3
It's a genre shift, and an experiment for a spin-off title. Pretty much every big series tries other genres, at times. Some do it better than others. Final Fantasy is increasingly leaning towards ARPG for main series games. Resident Evil keeps leaning into Third-Person Shooters. Silent Hill is trying a Dungeon Crawler/ARPG Multiplayer with Book of Memories.

It's probably not as scary as the previous entries in the series, but it still looks like fun. You just have to understand that it's a genre shift, and a spin-off. Not many game series actually keep the same, exact formula for the entire series. Silent Hill has done genre shifts before ie Silent Hill Arcade.
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