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4 years ago#1
Well, first of all, I got this DLC, and, damn, was it worth it! Even when the additions were just some few things, they all are worth it.
However, I've noticed some things in which I need help, if anyone who also has it, can help me please, it would be much appreciated!:

-The Raw Shocks in my game don't make any kind of noise, not even when killed. Are they supposed to be silent? or is my DLC glitched?

-I'm just able to buy some of the new weapons and artifacts at Howard's shop, but not all. I've bought almost all of the new weapons, however, I still lack the Laser Sable, the Pillow and the Great Spear, are these scattered in the world? or do they need to be bought? if so, when or where?

-Seeing that there isn't a new world to explore, are the 2 new forsaken rooms randomly generated in any of the worlds? If you've been in one of the new two, in which world was it?

Thank you very much! (:

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