Controls in MGS2

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User Info: ChemicalSiN

6 years ago#1
I'm trying to get them down, but why are they so strange? I understand they're similar to how they were back in the day, but they feel incredibly strange now. I can never see when an enemy is in front of me sometimes thanks to the camera, shooting from corners and hiding in certain spots is incredibly awkward, etc.

Anyone else getting this or am I just completely high?


User Info: SiLVeR_420

6 years ago#2
First person is your friend in that game. Use it well.
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User Info: TheKingOfCarmel

6 years ago#3
They are incredibly awkward at first, mainly because no other game really feels quite like this one. You should get used to them after awhile though, and then the game will feel incredibly smooth. I never have gotten the hang of shooting around corners though, so I'll give you that one.
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User Info: FreedanEternal

6 years ago#4
I'd say don't even bother using the corner mechanic. Just go into first person and use RT/LT to lean and shoot. Works much easier for me.
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User Info: tazerhater

6 years ago#5
By the time i got on the plant, i got the controls down pat.

Always use RB, it helps a ton.

If you find yourself in a situation where you're pointing a gun but dont wanna shoot it, click the Left Stick.
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User Info: Sikarios

6 years ago#6
On anything but the hardest difficulties, threat disposal is WAY easier than I remember it being in MGS2. The tanker becomes easy after going through it a few times. And most enemies at the plant are ridiculously easy to headshot with the tranq pistol. Just sandman and entire room. Even if a guard goes "Huh?" and starts to investigate it's usually not much of a problem to headshot him while staying out of his alert sight.

Then, if you're dogtagging, you can slowly wake up the room one at a time with coolant spray if you have it and give them the shakedown.
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