Should I bother beating this game?

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User Info: Fusion916

4 years ago#1
It's in my backlog of games to play but really want to know if this is worth putting any time into... my other options are Star Ocean, Trinity Universe, or doing all of the sidequests from Disgaea 4.
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User Info: risktaker

4 years ago#2
If you like Star Trek and you have a friend that would play through co-op with you, I'd recommend it. A friend and I are playing through and we're reasonably enjoying it.

I guess the big difference maker is if you're a fan of the new Star Trek movies and/or the Original Series. If you are, you'll appreciate a lot of the little details, like it's fun to see some of the Enterprise's inner workings. My friend and I were thrilled when you get to a fight a little like the original show's Gorn fight. If you don't care about Star Trek, you can pass without losing too much sleep on it.
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  3. Should I bother beating this game?

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