How do you feed pets?

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User Info: MOJOv6

5 years ago#1
My dog is gonna die soon, help!

User Info: LordShiryuu

5 years ago#2
Buy a food bowl and fill it up twice a day and then they will feed themselves for the most part. But later if you do the dog Mystery Journal you get a better bowl which you should get it's worth it.

User Info: EgyptianGarden

5 years ago#3
I think you can buy treats for them as well, which help to keep them occupied when your out with them.

User Info: RE2_Fan

5 years ago#4
Where do i get those from?

User Info: nubefruta

5 years ago#5
To get the pet treats you have to go to a active sim. Then you have to click on your pet after you're on your active sim. Then once you've clicked on your pet go to the tab that says GIVE LOVE then go the tab under that says pet treat and click on it. And that should do it for you.
RE2_Fan posted...
Where do i get those from?
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  3. How do you feed pets?

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