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User Info: GuardianJet26

5 years ago#1
So I just installed the Sims 3 Pets and I had issues with the demo but I thought it was just because it was a demo... The horses look fine but when I go to make a dog or cat their heads are wrong. Their bodies are fine but about halfway up their neck their heads start to glitch, like the fur around their heads just isn't there.
Here's a pic of what I'm sorta talking about:

That also happened when I tried to make a cat where the fur outlined it but you could see the body inside the fur.

The Sims 3 forums are down otherwise I'd go scour for info on there but I don't know how long they'll be down for and I really want to play... Is anyone having these issues too or know how to fix this? I think I remember reading something about glitching with custom content (and I have a lot of that) but I can't look it up on the forums.

User Info: wanderz

5 years ago#2
is your video cards driver up to date?
you can possibly also try reinstalling the latest version of directx 9.. i think the game still uses 9 not 10 or 11.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: GuardianJet26

5 years ago#3
These are my system settings:
AMD Sempron Dual Core Processor 2200 2.00 GHz
2.00 GB RAM
32-bit operating system
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

I have almost every Sims 3 expansion and stuff pack and they all work fine, except for a slight graphics problem I had with the water not working but that's fixed now. I've waited almost a month now to get back to playing the sims because I didn't want to start a new family without a pet so I really hope I can get this to work.
Thanks for whatever help you can give me.

User Info: Died Again

Died Again
5 years ago#4
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your card is no longer compatible with the game, as of Pets. You'll either have to live with it or get a new card unless EA (by some miracle) comes up with some kind of solution.

More info here:

User Info: GuardianJet26

5 years ago#5
Sadly, you're probably right. I've had this computer for a couple years now. I think I got it for Christmas 2-4 years ago. I can't play a lot of games on it right now, like Dead Island or Alice: Madness Returns, but those games are extremely graphic intensive so I figured I couldn't play games like that. But if my computer can't even handle Pets than maybe it's time to look into a new graphics card at least or a laptop maybe since I'm going to college next year.

If I do get a new card, what should I get? I've never looked at graphics cards before so I'm not sure what's good and what's not... Any help there?

User Info: I_Dark_Lazer_I

5 years ago#6
Before jumping out and getting a new PC, try updating your drivers (didnt read if you did or not). My girlfriend has a laptop from 2006 and she too had this problem with her dogs and cats (cone on their face, etc) and I downloaded the most recent drivers for her graphics card (back to 2008) and now her dogs and cats look fine!

You will probably need a new card for upcoming games anyways, but for the time being, updating your drivers may be all you need.
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User Info: wanderz

5 years ago#7
did you try getting the latest nvidia graphics driver? i've run games on cards and systems that are technically below the requirements before, so it's still worth a try.

well, the first thing is what kind of slots do you have available in your computer.

if it's 2 years old it most likely would have a pci-Express x16 slot, which is good..
you can get an nvidia geforce 440 gt, or better, for under $100.. i think i payed $70 for mine last month. it works great not only for this game but anything else i can throw at it, granted my cpu is better (quad core, and faster) but it's still a pretty good card for a low price.

if you go lower then 440 or 430 maybe, it's not really worth upgrading.. you can of course spend more and get a better card, but last i checked to get a noticeably better card will cost an extra $40+ dollars.

which brings up the 2nd thing.. what is your budget?

3rd, is preference.. personally i don't like ATI cards, i've seen way to many driver issues.. they update to new drivers that cause problems with different games, so you have to uninstall the new driver and go back to the older one until they fix the new one...
i have never actually seen that happen with nvidia, altho it probably has once or twice it's not at all as common.
but that's not to say ati cards are worthless, i'm sure a lot of people are happy with them.. i don't like them, so i don't really know where that point of best value / bang for your buck is.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: wanderz

5 years ago#8
hey.. just found this on a youtube video of all places...

For those who have the translucent layer of fur, turn on advanced rendering and clear you cache.

this was the video by the way.. in case it works and you want to thank them.. rather funny glitch video.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: Died Again

Died Again
5 years ago#9
Also, make sure you have advanced rendering turned on in the options menu. It may make a difference, but do keep in mind that your card is one of 4 that have been confirmed to have problems with this EP.

User Info: Tempohyeah

5 years ago#10
change the graphics setting in the game, it might help
also at first my pets did the same thing, but after a while of playing it fixed itself

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