Sharpshooter was a mistake

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User Info: Cptn_Anarchy86

5 years ago#1
So I got my sharpshooter skill up to the lvl 88 cap and then started along the assult tree. After comparing the two, dear god don't take sharpshooter first.

After playing for a few days I have realized that trip mines don't hold a candle to taking an ammo bag or medical bag. Its fun but rarely do you take out more than one guy at a time. There's also the frustration of a new guy shooting your mines as he goes, not knowing they won't hurt him.

But the biggest reason is the weapons. The M308 just can't compare to the Brenner 21 at all. The damage spread between the two isn't all that big...I don't even notice a difference till you get to swat members, who take two shots from the Brenner as compared to one from the M308. But the Brenner's ability to go full auto makes it beast at plowing down hoards or lining up shots carefully and its massive magazines trump the M308 as well. The reload time isn't all that different either.

Once you add in the Crosskill .45, its apparent. Don't do what I did and just save the sharpshooter tree for last.

User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

5 years ago#2
Yeah I just got the M308 mainly. However I do have thick skin 3 which is nice.

Trip mines blow when so many enemies swarm you.

So Far I mained support for the bag and the MP5.

MP5 is dope, A good medium range weapon for when I main the reinbeck.
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User Info: Syffer Bidan

Syffer Bidan
5 years ago#3
Yeah, I second the M3 shotgun-MP5 combo. The MP5 is a solid, accurate weapon at mid-range, but truth be told, I use it only when ammo is scarce. The shotgun can take armored SWAT at about fifty meters with a single shot when aimed from the cheek.

Come to think of it, I'd say the shotgun is a bit more useful than the Sharpshooter's M14. Though, yeah, Thickskin is awesome. So are the extra Body Armor passives.
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