Good place to farm Dead Warrior? (nt)

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  3. Good place to farm Dead Warrior? (nt)

User Info: Lenoh

6 years ago#1

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User Info: StrykeBlayde

6 years ago#2
Chapter 5, hold face buttons and shoulder buttons when you kill him.
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User Info: FeintSmile

6 years ago#3
Chapter 9 if you have DLC. There's 2 Dead Warriors right at the beginning.

User Info: insanekyo

6 years ago#4
I got all mines unintentionally from grinding on ch.9. Might work for you.

User Info: fisheye11

6 years ago#5
chapter 9 is where i farm dead warrior souls. apply your best luck gear and they'll come to you very fast.
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User Info: nizzerat

6 years ago#6
Best I found was level 9 too. There are two dead warriors there near the entrance. Equip ranged weapons like rocket launchers or whatever your longest range bullet soul. Have high luck and two soul eater rings (obviously). Kill the two then force fail (R1, L1 and all 4 face buttons).
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  3. Good place to farm Dead Warrior? (nt)

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