MGS:PW HD Character Hacking

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User Info: Kiroth709

5 years ago#1
Ok guys n Gals,

So I'm now able to create Custom Characters on MGS: PW HD. Just the same as the PSP version, but this time on PS3 version. So thing is i'll be making a video and posting it on Youtube for anyone interested. I'll pop back here in a few days or so and see fi any interests been built up over this post. If so then i'll create and upload the video. I may or may not take character creation requests. Please note that this does not effect the game in any way shape or form. It doesn't help you cheat online, nor will i ever help anyone cheat online. This Character Hack helps you with the main game, It can also create characters that were previously missing from your lists i.e Hideo and such.

Let me know what you think. And please keep it sensible don't be a troll even if you don't agree with it.
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User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#2
I have interest on it, I'm tired doing missions for over 100x to get something.

User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#3
I want to unlock all the stuff btw.

User Info: mhbigboss

5 years ago#4
Sounds cool.
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User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#5
Instead of video, why not just posting the method in text?

User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#6
Btw, I have Hideo already.

PS: Too bad there is no edit option here.

User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#7
It would be better just posting the save game, or the stack pointers with what changes what.

User Info: GreenHiIIZone

5 years ago#8
There is an edit option, you just need to be a member of the boards for a certain amount of time before they let you edit... Yeah it's weird.

How do you hack on the PSP version? Would it be possible to transfar my save game, hack one of my soldiers then send it back to the PS3?
The User Formerly Known as f00had.

User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#9
I just managed to get a hacked P.W. HD running fine on PS3.

The bad part is all missions (ALL) are done, it have almost everything too.

I don't have a PSP anyway.

User Info: Gradius3

5 years ago#10
Btw, is a save.

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