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User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#1
ive been trying to get trophies in the game but am coming up short. can anyone tell me what trophies there are and how to get them?

User Info: rheawilliam

5 years ago#2
Just master differnet activities. some will give awards others won't. I think I have SIDEWINDER(city), EQUESTRIAN (mountain), KAYAK (mountain). Just master a activitiy completly and see.

User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#3
ive tried that but it almost never works. in skate tricks, for example, i got through every bit of it and nothing. when i went back and got double the required score on everything i got a trophy.

User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#4
just reviving the question.... if anybody has any information on trophies,( i dont care if it comes in 1 tropy at a time till they are all here) id really appreciate putting it here. with the exception of the wheel slider and surfing trophies(everyone has them).

once again thanks for any help that comes in, and please if u get a new one that isnt in here already, please post it.

once all of them are here ill try to make a FAQ walkthrough for them. then itll make the whole process much easier.

User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#5
and please tell me how the trophies are unlocked ( it should be obvious but you never know with some people)

User Info: thefire33

5 years ago#6
I got a few, all in marine resort. I got 1 for mastering marine bike race&trick activitys, 1 for the Atv race and trick activitys, also 1 for mastering surf activity. and i think 1 for mastering all marine resort activites.

My guess is you get them from gear related activites.

Is there anywhere to view your trophys or see missing trophys?
MKW name: <ud>Ricky
Clan- Underdog

User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#7
yes. you can see which ones you have and how many are left( not specifically which) in the furniture list in the villa customization, itll be under the "gift wrap" section.

User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#8
and are you sure that last one you mentioned is from mastering all the marine ones? cause i mastered all of the mountain activities, and nothing.

User Info: MysticJhn

5 years ago#9
I got all the trophies by collecting silver keys.

I'll try to remember all the trophies;
Off Road Vehicles
Marine Bike
Snowman (if I remember right, it was from snowball fights)
Sidewinder Award (that freaky place in the City)
Equestrian Medal (horseback riding)
Gold Medal (ski/snowboarding)
Motor Speed

For most of these, just get all the silver keys in the related categories (i.e. to win the ATV trophy, get all silver keys in all ATV related events).
Then there are bigger statues.

Pac-Man Statue (City)
Yeti Statue (Snow)
Knight Statue (Mountain)
Mermaid Statue (Marine)

They are won by getting all the silver keys in a single resort.
Along with the Statues, you'll also get a model of the related resort.
You can put all 4 pieces of the model together to make a replica of Kawaii Island.

User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#10
but i got every silver key in the mountain resort( not counting the 3 stamp dash keys) and nothing. what do i do? do i need all the stamps?
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