Problems with Fast Traveling

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User Info: Kthlltt

4 years ago#1
Just got the game today. I'm playing through the beginning and it is asking me to highlight the boar area. I'm placing the cursor over it and I can't select it. Eventually, it works and I complete the mission, but then it happens again when I'm asked to fast travel.

Has this happened to anyone else and do you have any tips or solutions?

User Info: JohnnyCage1933

4 years ago#2
You can only fast travel to towns you've liberated...everything else you highlight on the map and hoof it
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User Info: Logicmonger

4 years ago#3
Yes, the waypoint selection in this game is bonked. It's way too sensitive and takes a few tries.

User Info: MasterVG782

4 years ago#4
The animal icons on your map are not selectable. You can however place a waypoint over them so you can find your way easier.
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