Animal you most hate having to hunt or get ambushed by?

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  3. Animal you most hate having to hunt or get ambushed by?

User Info: J1MM3L

4 years ago#1
For me, probably Komodo Dragons. Always really stealthy and seem to get the jump on me.
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User Info: Skaddict

4 years ago#2
To hunt? Bears, not because I don't like hunting them but I just don't like the stupid rules the Path of the Hunter challenges give you. "Ooh, kill them with just a pistol!", "Hey, just use your knife, lol!".

To be ambushed by? Boar. They don't do much damage but they charge you without warning, for no reason and at the worst time. The number of times I've been stealthily circling a base planning my route of attack and a boar has charged me from behind, pushing me out into the open and alerting everyone and I end up feeling like Sgt. Powell from Die Hard. Welcome to the party? Yeah, thanks. Thanks for that.
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User Info: HerGhostInTheFog

4 years ago#3
I hate Jaguars. I always die because I have a bow or smg when they attack, and I can't reload or use a syringe. I end up knifing the hell out of them too. Wouldn't be a problem with a shotgun, but I never have one equipped when I'm ambushed, or can't switch fast enough.

I also hate cassowaries(sp?) They don't attack much but they're annoying, so I love killing them.

User Info: JayGood259Oz

4 years ago#4
I hate hunting with bow and arrow in general, gotta use animal repellent which kind of defeats the purpose

User Info: punisher1

4 years ago#5
The dogs. They die easy but are annoying.
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User Info: robo_rob

4 years ago#6
Definitely the Komodo dragons. I just wanna hunt my eight goats damnit, get away from me!

User Info: DudeHuman2567

4 years ago#7
Dogs... Oh, how I detest them. They're easy to kill, but I end up encountering them waaaaaayyyy too often. Really got on my nerves after the 50th time...

User Info: mootoast

4 years ago#8
The animals in this game are no where near as annoying as the predators in Red Dead Redemption.

Hordes of ninja bears....random cougar damned annoying.

I used to hate tigers, but late in the game once you get all those super high-damage weapons, most animals aren't much of a problem. Deer hunting was always super annoying though. So hard to find, and you can only kill one and then the rest disappear.
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User Info: tricky_one

4 years ago#9
Any of those stealthy/ speedy animals (ex. Leopards). I had a hard time doing the hunting missions for those animals. I finally decided to use syringes but they still put up a challenge.
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User Info: Dr_Kain

4 years ago#10
Crocodiles. They just seem to pop out of nowhere. The rest I can easily hear, but not them.
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  3. Animal you most hate having to hunt or get ambushed by?

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