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User Info: Rusma

4 years ago#1
What's everyone's opinion on best loadout in single player?
Mine is
Bow- silent and explosive for heavys and groups
44 magnum- One handed for ziplines etc plus quick switch when i run out of ammo for primary and will drop whoever is in front easily.
AMR- Long range, drops heavys one shot plus 1-2 shots will blow up cars, 3 for choppers.
Ace- Primary weapon, drops people 2-3 shots, assault ammo is easy to get.
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User Info: mootoast

4 years ago#2
Yeah that's pretty much what I was using towards the end, except I used the last pistol (Don't remember the name but it's the one the privateers have) instead of the Magnum. Just as much damage, but more accurate, longer range, and larger clip.

Instead of the ACE, I used the Ripper for awhile, but switched to the ACE towards the end because it's high damage, rapid fire, and humongous clips were honestly making the game a bit too easy.

For a REALLY game-breaking loadout, use a Shredder, Ripper, silenced Z93, and an RPG (Or a shotgun or heavy pistol if you prefer, doesn't matter much tbh).
Thanks, L4DHunter!

User Info: DuranOfForcena

4 years ago#3
Shredder, Ripper, Silenced Z93 and the Grenade Rifle is what I was using towards the end. It was beastly.
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User Info: xHiggsx

4 years ago#4
*Bushman (For general use)
*Flamethrower (Normally to easily kill predatory animals)
*Z93 (Silenced, handy for stealth kills at a distance)
*Cannon (Occasionally for one-hit kills)

I don't use my weapons much considering that I have liberated all the outposts and there are barely any enemies around. I use takedowns more than weapons.
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