1.03 patch fails to fix issues on PS3

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User Info: ec93

4 years ago#1
I just downloaded the 1.03 patch for PS3 in hopes that the floating bow and the non- functioning throw rock and camera button would be fixed. However it has not and I am yet again unable to continue through the game's story line. I have upgraded almost everything, found almost all the relics and done all the bases and towers etc so starting a new game is something which I do not wish to do. Did the patch work for anyone else? Will this issue ever be resolved without the need to start the game again?

User Info: TheLeafChild

4 years ago#2
I guess we'll have to wait until 1.04 :/

Or, the claims that the patch really does work is true, except only as a preventative measure, and you have to start a new file...
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  3. 1.03 patch fails to fix issues on PS3

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