Multiplayer Loading Freeze?

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User Info: bonghits81

4 years ago#1
Just recently bought the game on a whim.. Beat the story, and now ventured into Multiplayer..

My MP success rate so far is literally 50%.

Everything either works perfect, smooth, and fast...


It finds a lobby, and then moves to the next 'loading' screen... And... That's about it... It just gets hung up on that screen and never advances.. I've sat here for over 10 minutes wait, and nothing happens..

Is this common?

Sorry it this topic is a dead horse, but I did search a few pages back in the message board, and like I said, I'm very new to the game..


PSN: Bonghits81

User Info: bonghits81

4 years ago#2
Oh, I forgot to mention..

When it hangs up on the loading screen, the only way to get out of there is to quit the game from the XMB.
PSN: Bonghits81

User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#3
your search failed since it is quite common and i know i have seen quite a few topics on this (but maybe they were deleted for all i know).

i had the same issue, was hoping the last patch would fix this since i couldn't get into any multi games but i have been playing borderlands 2 the last week and didn't try FC3 at all.

User Info: bonghits81

4 years ago#4
It's extremely annoying to have to quit and restart the game over and over to get into a match. I've been trying both the quick match feature as well as the playlist options and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
PSN: Bonghits81

User Info: bonghits81

4 years ago#5
Do any of you guys always get right into matches? Or at least have more than a 50% success rate?

I'm actually restarting my game for the 6th consecutive time right now. There are over 500 ppl in team deathmatch at 11:30am EST time. So it's definitely not for a lack of players.
PSN: Bonghits81

User Info: -Grieves-

4 years ago#6
Yeah, I have the same problems as you.

Kinda given up on the multiplayer now. No trophies for it so not worth the stress. I don't get much gaming time so I'm not gonna waste it staring at a frozen loading screen.

I used to find FarCry 2's multiplayer fustrating as well.

User Info: TheLegendaryPie

4 years ago#7
Woah, this just happened to me today, so i just turned the game off, i thought it was a problem that was only gonna happen once :(

User Info: LrryLegend

4 years ago#8
Though I have the worst MP skills on the planet somehow I enjoy playing MP in this game. However last night (Saturday) and this morning (Sunday) that loading screen at the beginning of team deathmatches just freezes ALL the time. I can't even get into a game. I was wondering if it was my system. I guess it is not.
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