Game breaking glitch.. can't continue.

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User Info: q8sd

4 years ago#1
This is REALLY p1ssing me off. I have my bow equipped while it's actually not equipped but it appears like it is. I can't switch to the camera because of it but I can switch to any other weapon. I've reached the part where I need the camera to take photos but I just can't switch to it..

Any solutions ? I don't wan tto lose my 20 hours of progress.

User Info: Edalborez

4 years ago#2
Can't kill yourself, abandon mission, restart from last checkpoint? Does the problem persist after trying any/all of those? Need more information.

User Info: q8sd

4 years ago#3
Killed myself, unequipped bow and re-equipped, restarted and abandoned mission, loaded an older save file (by 30 mins), still the same problem. I did everything I can think of and still, nothing changed.

User Info: skillz302008

4 years ago#4
Don't equip bow maybe?

User Info: Shankis

4 years ago#5
Play a different game and hope it's patched eventually.
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User Info: o0o_Shadow_o0o

4 years ago#6
Have you tried going to the official forums to see if anyone else has experienced this? You might be able to get some more help there:

User Info: bonghits81

4 years ago#7
What happens if you un-equip the bow? And from there, what happens if you re-equip the bow?
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User Info: apbgenesis2012

4 years ago#8
Ok I play FC3 on a PS3 and had the same issue. Here's what I did and it fixed the glitch. Before approaching the ledge, equip the camera. Then approach as normal. This allowed me to move past the stupid black screen of death. Good luck!
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  3. Game breaking glitch.. can't continue.

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