So....the story. What should have been improved (MASSIVE SPOILERS AHOY)

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  3. So....the story. What should have been improved (MASSIVE SPOILERS AHOY)

User Info: Doubleglock18

4 years ago#11
atomicgarden posted...
I just finished the game, I had it for a while, but lacking time I only played every few days...still I managed to avoid spoilers.

What surprised me the most is how they handled Vaas. Not only because he's on the box and in all the ads for the game, the way people talked about him on various gaming sites. I saw people saying he's one of the coolest villain on this generation of console, some people talked about him like if he's an ultimate villain or something. To a point that, when I killed him halfway through the game, I thought he wasn't dead. The fact that you kill him during an hallucination sequence didn't helped but I kept thinking he was gonna show up later in the game. Wrong, you're just going after Hoyt. I was really surprised that they killed him so early in the game. He wasn't bad, he was a cool villain, but that's it. Very overrated IMO.

The lamest thing in this game were the boss fights. Buck, Vaas and Hoyt. I know it's an fps, but I'm so tired of QTE boss fights, it's pointless and require no skills at all. Whatever happened to boss fights being epic and hard ?

i hear what you're saying but its a problem with most shooters. wat are you going to do? make Vaas super tough and take thousands of bullets and rockets to kill? give him some ridiculous fortress that involves billions of bullets and rockets to take down for a final, anticlimatic kill at the end? or let us kill Vass however we can, but then one sniper to the head or a melee kill and that's it? it's a no-win. though i would prefer a unique melee kill.
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User Info: Pelaaja123

4 years ago#12
I've seen pretty few people who gets the game's story, or theories to make it sound reasonable. So, putting it shortly, Vaas may be very well still alive, because he stabbed Jason with that ceremonial knife and walks away, right? Now the theory is that it was actually a syringe ful of drugs, and the whole tv thingy happened in Jason's head..

As for the boss fights and other dream sequences, l think it's just Jason on drugs or because he is insane himself, thanks to all the killing and Vaas mindf*cking Jason, and the thoughts that his brothers both died in the hands of pirates. Maybe at the Hoyt part, he manage to kill both of the guards and escape, bandage his finger and maybe restock, then came back, slaughtering the pirates (unawarely or on drugs? Since we don't get to see or do it) and challenging/being challenged by Hoyt to a duel with knives.

Hope this clarified the awesome story of this game, you just gotta look deeper into it and think, that is what makes me love this game. :) l don't take credits from all of these theories though.

Also, this game has awesome music that fits the game well, especially the main theme. It's so emotional.

Sorry for long post :[

User Info: gphjr14

4 years ago#13
According to the developers Vass is dead.
But the drug sequences do throw off the pacing in parts. Especially Hoyt , after you're done the room is filled wth dead guards and there's really no explanation as to who killed them. You're just suppose to assume you did even though it was a one on one knife fight.
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User Info: ironlunz949

4 years ago#14
Hopefully blood dragon DLC will make up for some drawbacks
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