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User Info: rauwolf

4 years ago#1
alright, o I bought farcry 3 when it first came out, cool game and all but for some reason I just couldnt get into it much. So I decided to sell it to gamestop and was able to get xcom with the money, so I thought I made like a bandit. Well today i got the urge to paly it again and went down to the stop and bought(its been reduced to $40). The first time I bought it I redeemed the online code that came with it, the online pass. and now I have a SECOND one that I dont need. So in short what Im asking is how can I use this to my advantage and get some free swag or money?

User Info: DAS420MAN

4 years ago#2
Ebay, check the prices there, and put it on there for a little less than everyone else.
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User Info: fathomz

4 years ago#3
be charitable and give it to my girl friend so she can buy it used and play with us online :D. youll feel better which is worth more than any cash. plus you'll have a girl on your friends list O_o
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