a Tiger just took down an outpost for me

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  3. a Tiger just took down an outpost for me

User Info: Zeroplay

4 years ago#1
I was scouting the area and a random tiger just appeared and mauled all but one of the guards. This game is win!

User Info: nnulda

4 years ago#2
Same thing happened to me at the mines outpost

User Info: Starkangaroo

4 years ago#3
It happen to me too, I was shocked when a tiger did this for the first time, random animal attacks it's one of the best thing in the game.
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User Info: gphjr14

4 years ago#4
The last base I had to take over had a caged tiger and I only had to snipe one soldier.
He took out 2 flamethrower heavies and 4 other soldiers it was awesome. Kind of made me sad when I had to put em down.
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User Info: gameghy555

4 years ago#5
Some outposts have caged animals. The trick is to free them form afar, so they kill for you without calling reinforcements.
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  3. a Tiger just took down an outpost for me

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