Did they fix the laggy Co-op?

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User Info: DrGonzo615

4 years ago#1
Its been a little while since Ive played this game...did they ever fix the lag in co-op?
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User Info: Thegreekweezel

4 years ago#2
Cn you help me get one last trophy?
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User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#3
lag was never an issue for me so i have no idea what you are referring too.

User Info: 3v1LR0n1N

4 years ago#4
i only had lag if I was playing with people that have a VERY bad connection, but that happens to me in every online game i have played on the ps3 thus far (only had mine since december2012). other than that never had a problem. so i assure you nothing is wrong with any MP modes including CO-OP
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  3. Did they fix the laggy Co-op?

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