Never played a Far Cry title before. Tips for a beginner, please:)

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User Info: thebassclef626

4 years ago#1
Pleasant greetings fellow gamesfaqs followers. After seeing numerous reviews and watching parts of let's plays, I decided I should pick this up for at the very least something for me to do til Bioshock Infinite comes out. I've never played any previous FC titles before, so is there anything I should know before I jump into this? Anytips on upgrades and the like would be much appreciated:) objective and sarcastic comments welcome! Thanks in advance!!!
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User Info: KBGiantsfan

4 years ago#2
Get all the hunting/crafting upgrades as soon as possible so you can carry more ammo, weapons, health items and explosives.
I also suggest you liberate all outposts and climb all the radio towers as soon as possible, especially the radio towers because then you will not have to spend money on new weapons.
As far as skills are concerned, IMO you should concentrate on the beatdown skills because they are very useful and use suppressed weapons as much as possible.
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User Info: fallenKlNG

4 years ago#3
1) liberate all the outposts and get all the radio towers. The radio towers give you the map for the area and unlock weapons for free. Liberating outlooks become fast travel locations and makes that part of the island less overrun by pirates.

2) don't pay money for weapons. You will eventually get them all free by unlocking radio towers. The hunting missions also give you new weapons, along with picking them up from enemies. Once you pick up a weapon, you permanently own it, even if you drop it. You can equip weapons you own from stores or self-service-store-shelves. Only spend money on ammo, customizations, and maybe maps if you care (I don't think the map items are worth the hassle).

3) when you have a medical syringe, you're forced to use it so only make them when you're in gunfights unless you wanna waste them to recover one slot for something like fall damage.

4) outlooks can have up to three alarm boxes. You can find each one attached to those poles with speakers at the top. They're red boxes, and you can disable them by shooting them or manually walking up to them and holding square. If you manually disable one alarm, it'll disable ALL the alarms in the area. So don't shoot them unless you're sniping and there's only one alarm, or unless you can snipe all of them.

5) save before attempting outlooks and you'll usually spawn close to the outlook if you die. If enemies see dead bodies, they won't sound the alarm but they'll search more thoroughly, making it more difficult to hide if you're trying to snipe.

6) There's several strategies for taking out outlooks, and I recommend you try all of them. No matter what you decide to do, I recommend you always disable the alarm. You can try to snipe them all from a distance. You could go in like Solid Snake and sneak up on all of them and use takeout (rock throwing really helps with this). You can Rambo your way through Call of Duty style. Or you can use any combination of the above. Always look for caged animals. I like to snipe the cages open from far away. A caged bear or tiger can sometimes take out the entire place for you, giving you an easy 1500 exp if you remain undetected. Animals make great distractions allowing you to turn off alarms.

7) always take pictured of your enemies. You have infinite film and tagging your enemies allows you to see them on your map and through walls. This works on animals too so when hunting, use hunters instinct then tag the animals so you can see them after the effects wear off.

8) Need money? The fastest way I know is the shotgun challenge (hip fire the birds; don't aim). This is two blocks east of the starting area IIRC. Doing bulletin jobs also works great, but it may be slower. the latter is more fun though, and it gives you exp points.
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User Info: gphjr14

4 years ago#4
Climbing radio towers is worth the effort as it unlocks better weapons in the store.
Early in, the bow is a great stealth weapon and the arrows can be reused. Once the higher level sniper rifle is bought the silencer is a must because you can take out whole outposts without being detected.

Learn to pay attention to sounds around you while you're tagging targets with a camera (also very important) while you're stalking your target a komodo dragon or tiger could be stalking you.

Upgrade wise I was all over the place picking whatever skills I thought were cool, usually the take down skills.
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User Info: LeQuack147

4 years ago#5
I personally don't liberate ALL the outposts, because I like to have places I can ALWAYS go to for a quick firefight (and they're good spots to practice your ambushing and such), but make sure you liberate enough of them to quickly reach any area on the map, so you don't have to walk everywhere. I think I took maybe 5 on the first island, and that was enough for me, fast-travel wise. It's still a good idea to liberate them for side-missions though.
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User Info: bfist1st

4 years ago#6
Prepare yourself and your equipment before you go.
Be cautious, cuz it's dangerous out there.
Enjoy the ride. :]
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User Info: _Itachi_Uchiha_

4 years ago#7
Most of this stuff will be info that's already been said, but...


1) Don't actually spend money on weapons other than the Signature Weapons (and of course attachments for regular weapons if you need)
2) When you first start the game, liberate the first radio tower to get the STG-90 for free in the shops. It isn't the best weapon but it should hold you over until you get the next weapon mentioned below...
3) The Ripper. All you need to do is complete 6 Trials of the Rakyat. Very easy, and very doable early on. You don't need to get a high score, or even get a score that provides you with a reward. You just need to not die and complete the challenge. If you're just looking to rush through, then just stay alive and don't hit the extra time bonuses so you can just wrap things up quicker. After 6 Trials are done, you get the Ripper in the shops. It costs quite a bit, but its probably the best "loud" weapon in the game. LMG with 200 bullets in the magazine. High damage. Fairly low recoil. Scope for longer ranges. The scope IS kind of blocky and obstructs your vision a bit, but otherwise its an amazing gun that you can get very early on and will last you through the entire game. BTW, the Trials are marked with a star on the map, and show up in-game as a big red rock.
4) Once you have the Ripper, there's basically only a couple more weapons that you should aim to get. First, the Shredder. This is a low recoil silenced SMG, which makes life so much easier when going for shorter range stealth combat. You get this from finding 10 memory cards (will need to liberate about a dozen outposts and then find the memory cards in the cabins). Second, a silenced sniper rifle. The M700 is a good one to start off with (liberate 6 radio towers). Much later in the game, the silenced Z93 is a better option. The fourth weapon can more or less be your weapon of choice. I personally chose the Bushman even though its very similar to the Shredder just because I liked it.

Character Development

1) Early on, make sure you spend time hunting animals and gathering the skins. Use those skins to upgrade stuff. Always look at what animal skins you need to upgrade your next item, and look on the map to see where those animals are. The most important upgrades are probably: wallet, ammo pouch, syringe pouch, weapon holster, etc. Prioritize them first, but don't forget about the other upgrades. They're always nice to have too.
2) As you start to gain experience and skill points, try putting those points towards skills that help you build up even more experience. Skills that increase your health or provide you with takedowns (which give XP bonuses) are nice.


1) Early on, liberating outposts will be a bit tougher. You'll probably have to go through quietly and use rocks to distract people and do silent takedowns. Caged animals are helpful, so if you see them feel free to set them loose and let them distract the enemy. Once you get a silenced sniper (M700 will be your first), then find a high spot that's decently far away from the outpost. Get on top, stay low, and snipe. You should be able to get the full 1500 XP easily every time.


1) Spend money on item/loot maps, and then spend the time to collect as much of them as possible. You'll get tons of money in no time.
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User Info: jazztronaut

4 years ago#8
I actually waited until I finished the game to go back and liberate the outposts. I liked getting into random fights with pirates throughout the game and liberating the outposts makes areas devoid of any human enemies.

also, this game is fairly easy to platinum if you're into trophy hunting.
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User Info: kriirk

4 years ago#9
Wow very nice advice thanks!!

Could someone elaborate on the save / respawn system? When are auto saves? Should I always save when about to die? What is lost when dying?

User Info: JaredC1

4 years ago#10
I myself, was wondering about the save option. I noticed that if I die between auto save points I lose all progress. I.e. skins and whatnot. I manually save often, but then die shortly thereafter. I haven't tried loading up a save and then retrying. I usually just die and try again. But then again, I have spent all of 3 hours with the game. Tomorrow is my day off so I'll get more hands on with it.
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