I killed JellyFish - Glitch?

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User Info: SkyAzurith

4 years ago#1
Coordinates: x 305, y 284.5

Drive a boat to this location and a glitch will occure; your boat will suddenly fall to the bottom of the ocean. You will literally see no water with fish floating in the air. There should be at least one jellyfish nearby. I found that throwing a molotov will get you an entry.

Entry says:

The screams through the night. The hot air of explosions shaking the treetops. The bodies. Some faceless. They were only following orders.

Happy hunting! =)

Source of info and tested:

User Info: DrGonzo615

4 years ago#2
wtf....anyone confirm?
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User Info: SkyAzurith

4 years ago#4
I was skeptical at first as well, but saw someone on the source link I provided had posted the info. I tested it and worked.

The only drawback would be that once your at the bottom of the ocean floor, jelly fish are sporatic when they spawn, so you might have to wait until they float near or spawn near.

The only way I found to kill them is when they are nearby and floating along the sea floor so that a molotov would hit it. If they're floating higher up, I haven't found a way to kill them that way yet.

User Info: atomicgarden

4 years ago#5
I tried it. The dry spot at this coordinate is real, but I couldn't kill a jellyfish because none would spawn close enough. I'll try again later.

User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#6
I'll have to try this out, I know I've found the inverse situation, where a triangle of water appears on land. But there's nothing to hunt in that circumstance.
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User Info: xmen

4 years ago#7
It does work.

Killing a jelly fish is based on luck depending where they spawned.

The first time i went there, there was a gold jelly fish laying on the seabed so i was able to burn it with molotov. I checked the handbook and in wildlife the jellyfish was in there, the description for it was wierd though.

But then i went exploring the ocean floor and went to the edge of the dry part and started swimming again.
i swam to the top of the ocean and then tried swimming back to the dry area. When i reached there i literally fell down to the ocean floor and died.

When i respawned i checked the handbook and the jellyfish didnt save.
I went back to the dry spot again but this time there were no gold jelly fish on the floor.
Just the white ones floating around but they were out of reach of the molotov so i couldn't kill them.

I left to get on with the game and havent been back.

User Info: SkyAzurith

4 years ago#8
I've been trying to spread this glitch to help everyone get more animals on their list but everyone is skeptical or my message is rejected as spam.

Anyways, I now have 42 animals which do not include 'Black Hawk' and 'Great White Shark'. One doesn't exist and the other you can't kill.
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