Heavies, I Hates 'em

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User Info: Dirk_McHardpeck

4 years ago#1
Seriously, these guys ruin every outpost takeover. I'd like to pit a heavy against a tiger and see who would win since they seem to be the two most indestructible characters in the game.

User Info: VincentKrypt

4 years ago#2

Headshot, pretty simple.
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User Info: GARahn07

4 years ago#3
Just get Heavy Beatdown. Or get them with a bow, for some reason I can headshot them with bows... Possibly a glitch?

User Info: Dirk_McHardpeck

4 years ago#4
VincentKrypt posted...

Headshot, pretty simple.

Tried that. Didn't work.

An RPG-7 works well enough though. lol

User Info: CapoMafia

4 years ago#5
Shoot the back of their heads with a highpowered sniper rifle. The final sniper rifle with the silencer on it makes clearing out any outpost with an undetected bonus a breeze.
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User Info: Emi3280

4 years ago#6
The AMR works wonders, you don't even need a headshot and he's already dead.
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User Info: bootiemon

4 years ago#7
Headshot is good, mines and c4 are great as well.
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User Info: Logicmonger

4 years ago#8
Fire arrows.

User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#9
As mentioned, headshot to the side/back of the head with a sniper rifle works wonders for an easy 200 exp. You can also burn them. Since they can't run away, it's almost unfair roasting them with the flamethrower. If there's a caged animal in the outpost, consider releasing it. I've had animals maul a good 3-4 pirates before it goes down, and you get a free animal skin out of it to boot.

As for tigers, I like roasting them with the flamethrower too. They suddenly stop attacking you when covered in fire. Barring that, I find 'shotgun to the face' works wonders too, but it takes several shots.
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User Info: DeviantWhisper

4 years ago#10
Logicmonger posted...
Fire arrows.
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