Heavies, I Hates 'em

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User Info: Siriuslyasian

4 years ago#11
This might sound strange, but I used a flare gun on a heavy (it was a story mission, where I picked it up as my only weapon) and he burned to death. There was no way I weakened him as I had no other weapon to use, and there was no possible way I could've shanked him.
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User Info: kingsiv

4 years ago#12
I took him down with two direct hits of molotovs. He died screaming in agony very quickly. And he was to busy trying to put out the flames to try and shoot me. Fun.

User Info: chaotix66

4 years ago#13
I actually just let a tiger loose and the tiger and heavy died at the same time. There was a pirate or two shooting at the tiger as well, so I believe if it were just the two, the tiger would have lived.
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