Is BLOOD DRAGON a DLC or standalone game?

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User Info: xmen

4 years ago#1
Is BLOOD DRAGON a FC3 DLC or a standalone game with FC3 name attached - Results (80 votes)
Its FC3 DLC guys, you know, the one we have all been waiting for.
17.5% (14 votes)
It's a standalone game with FC3 name attached. Not an add on DLC to the original FC3.
82.5% (66 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Ok guys there seem to be alot of confusion on this board about FC3 Blood Dragon being a DLC or not.

So this poll should be a quick view of who here thinks its a DLC and who here thinks it is a standalone game with the FC3 name.

Do the poll, and when Blood Dragon is released we will see who is correct.
Should be interesting debate until then.

For me, DLC should have something to do with the game, keeping same characters and same game world and environment of FC3, while adding something new like missions or weapons or extra characters.

The fact that the screenshots of Blood Dragon shows none of that, plus the fact that the reports are saying it is a standalone game, with different settings and atmosphere, leads me to conclude that it will be a standalone title and not a DLC for FC3.

User Info: buggins1974

4 years ago#2

User Info: xmen

4 years ago#3
3 ppl still think its a DLC

i bet Nolan4LT is one of them, man that guy is thick. He's gonna feel so stupid when Blood Dragon is released.

User Info: ducksfan11222

4 years ago#4
I thought it was a pokemon, I wanted to pick that option.

User Info: Eedrah

4 years ago#5
It certainly doesn't have many trophies for a standalone game....

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#6

well if its its OWN game, we should be talking about it in its OWN threads. but we are not. we are talking about it in here. like 20 posts worth. Which is what we do with DLC.

so I voted for dlc. ONly for that fact. but really, I dont have a clue.

Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.
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User Info: xmen

4 years ago#7
Dr. Darell Blood Dragon does have its own thread you can go read the board there if you like.

I think from the poll result we can clearly say that it is a standalone game.

Yes we have to download it from the PSN but that doesnt mean it is a DLC for Farcry 3, its got nothing to do with FC3.

Even the developers say it is a standalone game, so we can close this debate now and enjoy the game when it comes out next week.

Notan4LT you're wrong!
Not to rub it in or anything but... "I told you so!"

User Info: alfred_ashford

4 years ago#8
it seems pretty clear it's a stand alone game. for dlc, you need a save file of the game to access the content and it's usually pointless. but this has a different setting and plot altogether. just like infamous festival of blood(hm, coincidence?).

hell, i think theyre only using the far cry name to get sales and due to it using the same engine.
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User Info: Phophenomenon

4 years ago#9
Yes. It may be like inFamous: FOB where it's just a standalone game.
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